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Monday, October 25, 2010


As I’m sure all of you spent your weekend anxiously awaiting news of Farley, considering the terrible storm moving through northern California.

I would like to put all your fears to rest.

Although she is a bit muddy, and grumpy, she is a warm-fuzzy-none shivery pony.

There. Now we can move onto lesser things don’t you agree?

Like who won the “what should I do with my buckle” contest.
Monstersgroom of course….but not because she offered to make me the display – no, not at all. In all seriousness, once we started to e-mail back and forth she has some great, creative ideas that just are going to be wonderful and are going to incorporate some elements that are important to me. I’m excited and I’ll share it with you once everything is done :). Monstersgroom – you get as your prize…..a cute fuzzy bunny!!!!!!! (Or a sheep. I'm not sure yet). I know….no body saw that coming!

And what the heck am I going to do if it rains this Saturday?
I am more prepared than EVER about rain. This will be my SECOND 100 this year in the rain. And I learned a lot. Like…..don’t ever get wet and cold. Better to be sweating and have to pee a lot because I’m drinking too much water, than to let my large muscle groups get cold, stiff, and build up lactic acid. I have silks, and fleece and gortex pants (and jacket), and winter weight tights, and insulated boots, and water proof boots, and multiple versions of each of the item below.

And I think we all agree that horses in general do better when the weather is cooler, so if it’s raining, I probably have a better chance of finishing the ride. Especially considering it sounds like most of the trail is nice wide jeep roads. Which ordinarily I would be cursing – but if it rains will be a Godsend (literally – you have no idea how much praying has gone into this event).

The bigger problem is how am I going to prepare Farley for the race this Saturday in the rain and mud? Sitting still for a week will increase the chances of a tie up so we’ll be creative – lots of canal rides and walks, and maybe even a jog or two. I’ll be focusing on getting LOTS of sleep and keeping stress to the minimum.

And lastly – how am I going to celebrate my 1,000 miles WHEN I complete this Saturday?
I’m thinking cupcakes with the word “1000” on the top? Any other bright (bright = cheap, easy, not time consuming) ideas? Sorry – no adorable fuzzy animal for this one – just my everlasting gratitude!


  1. Have you got your buckle yet? The silversmith called me last week, they were working on mine - which is going to be a noseband for a hackamore for Bo. So, they are/were working on them!!

    Good luck at the ride this weekend!

  2. How about FOUR cupcakes - one with a "1" on it, and the other three with "0"s on them?

    You don't even have to share. We won't tell. ;)


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