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Monday, January 24, 2011

And that sums it up!

Do you listen to Stable Scoop Radio Show?

Did you listen to episode 115?

You should.

You can ignore the blah blah blah about the equine affaire and skip right to the interview with Mr. Trainer-whoever. He pretty much sums up everything I'm struggling with - Everything from the post-Tevis let down, to my lack of straightness in dressage, to the mental blocks I'm struggling with in jumping.

It was one of the most insightful programs that I have listened to in a long time.

When you are done with that, go over to my newest blog recommendation and read this.

I don't have an interest in being a millionaire, but the life lessons to being sucessful are remarkably similar, no matter what the end goal is.

So please, if have seen any of your life in my blog lately, do yourself a favor and listen to episode 115, read the post on on Eventual Millionaire, and then come back here and let me know what you think.....


  1. I left you an award on my blog!


  2. I never hit a duck while riding...but I sure do identify with the confidence issues. I felt that my riding was improving fairly steadily with my trainer's guidance. When I rode alone, I felt at my best with my horse. Whenever people would come in to just watch-I fell apart. Suddenly, I couldn't remember how to ask my horse for anything but a trot-and even then I would worry if I was on the correct diagonal. Wish I had someone to help me with what was going on in my brain then. I still have horses but am no longer riding. I need to get over the fear of others critiquing my every move.


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