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Friday, January 14, 2011

"I look better naked - I swear!"

I'm not sure about you, but this post here hit upon several sensitive issues!

I agree I look better naked than in most swimming suit.

I agree that most breeches are horribly unflattering. Maybe I should wear a sign on my back - "I look better naked - I swear!"

I own a few breeches and tights that I feel FABULOUS in, and I must admit I wear those to the exclusion of the rest - in fact I wear the breeches and tights that flatter me until I am basically naked in them - see through and with holes. (thus giving everyone around me a chance to consider the validity of my statement...)

I feel that tights give me a more flattering fit than breeches, especially if we are talking full seats. My hands down favorite pair of tights is a pair of knee patch Tropical Riders. I may have to admit soon that this is their last season. A very sad day.

Of course, I could admit the problem isn't the breech - after all my body is a certain shape and no pair of breeches or tights will change it. Short legs, round butt, and "ample" thighs. So it's doubtful that anytime soon I will put on a pair of breeches and explaim - "look how long and skinny my legs are! And my butt is positively cute!", but I can dream. So until someone comes up with a design that flatters, I'll focus on function and comfort.....

Still, even if I discount the "look" entirely, I still haven't found the breech I'm in love with. Cotton Naturals fit my budget and fit me well enough, so when I had to buy a pair of show breeches (white), that's what I got. The rest of my breeches are second hand - a mix of Kerrits, Cotton Naturals, a swiss brand with a label so faded I can't read it, Saddle Bums, and Carosals. The only ones I like OK are the old swiss ones - too bad I can't read the label - they have a full seat and they actually fit, are comfortable, flattering, AND wore very well. In fact - I'm almost positive I DON'T want to know how much they cost new (they were freebie second hand-ers).

For tights, I may have found "the one" in the tropical riders, but they aren't exactly easy on the pocket book....but if you consider they got almost daily use, including 100 mile rides - then maybe they are a bargin at ~$100 for 2 years. (I found my pair for $50 from someone who had bought new, never wore, and then sold - want to bet on when the stars will align like THAT again?).

So in summary - I want the impossible. In the meantime maybe I should buy another pair of Tropical riders and just hope that my perfect breech comes along someday that doesn't break the bank?


  1. So glad I am not alone in the terrible fitting breeches department. I swear I gain 15 every time I wear my full seat breeches I paid way too much for.

  2. Have you tried a full seat tight?
    I like their microcord full seat, but their tights are awesome as well. I have knee patch tights and LOVE them.

  3. I just read Stacey's post. Paying a lot for breeches is especially tough because they often do not feel as comfy (or look at flattering) as their price tag. Because of this, I tend to go for the catalog sales or clearance bins at tack stores, but this has its draw backs. Like the nonreturnable full-seats that I bought last year on clearance. The snap in the front was defective and has since popped off the breeches. Let's just say that I now wear a long shirt and a belt with that pair, but I am glad to have given up the wrestling matches with that snap!

  4. I see that Kerrit's newly-released spring lineup includes "slender rider" tights, which appear to include some support material to minimize tummies. You can bet I'll be checking those out!

    My Kerrits are my faves for lessons and shorter rides. They are the least non-flattering tights I own; I wear them for any ride less than 25 miles. And yes, I wear them until you can play "spot the constellation" of freckles on my legs while the garment is still on my body. Then I call them "pajama bottoms" and wear them to bed with a huge flannel shirt.

    For longer distances, I mourn the day that Carousel shut down (the business is still for sale!) because I really need the knee and bum padding despite the ample padding in my bum provided by God and a fondness for icecream.

  5. Devon Aire is my favorite so far and I feel most comfortable in them :) Sometimes the crotch area sags a little which is awkward and weird, but for someone who can't afford $100+ breeches, these are my go to brand!

  6. I used to like 'The Tailored Sportsman' brand breeches. They were comfy but I never looked at myself from the rear...still don't. But now I'm too old and fat to wear breeches. :)

  7. This lady custom makes tights in color and fabric of choice, and can pad the knee, butt, whatever. I've just ordered a pair from her, and will keep you posted on what I think once I get them.


  8. lol! I hate wearing breeches for that reason, but function is more important!

    I just have to point out that this was not in your list of potential topics from your previous post!

  9. Yeah so happy I'm not the only one in this camp! Really, I'm not sure I could come up with a more inflattering garnet than a breech if I TRIED. I realize I contridicted myself on my post. The fABULOUS pair of breeches I refer to are the now defunct Swiss ones. :(. Nothing else has steeped in to take their place.

    Kerrits fit me ok but not great. I have problems with their seams, eapecially in the crouch area... Although maybe their new designs are better thanthe ancient second hand ones. Ditto problem for the carasols.

    Iriedons don't fit my body. Does anyone ride in FITS and live them- ie r they worth the price?

    Since it seem like everyone has tried different breeches here's my question. Here's my body type: what definately won't fit an what should I try?

    Very short inseam with large thighs and a relatively long femer. Wide hips, ample butt, but flat stomach and narrow waist.....

  10. I have Equessentials, Carousal (padded ones) and Kerrits. I like them all just fine. I had a few other brands before (can't remember what they were) endurance riding that I liked too. Haven't really founda bad pair. My husband doesn't like me to wear tights/breeches because he says I look too good in them. Please don't hate me!

    But the reason I am posting is because I read the comments and you asked about FITS. I tried on a pair at the Rolex a few years ago. Extra small, black, full seat. They were AWESOME. Of course, I didn't ride a horse in them. I so wanted to buy them. And the sales lady, really tried to talk me into them too. But just couldn't justify the $200 price tag right then. I would like to spurlge on them some day. Because they were nice. Finally someone came up with a smart design for a full seat breech.

  11. I live in FITS... love, love, love them. Comfortable, wear hard, can be machine washed, the fabric hides most flaws and the leather has a good 'stick' to it without feeling glued into the saddle. If you ignore the fact that the segmented leather on the full seats make you look a bit like a baboon from the back... they are perfect. I have done full day trail rides, multi-horse arena schooling days, and tend to just leave them on to run errands because they are THAT comfortable. Also, if you keep an eye on EBay - you can always find them for under $200... and sometimes as low as $100. Love your blog! I am up in Auburn so super enjoy the 'local' horse world from another perspective :)


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