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Thursday, January 13, 2011

Yummy Food

I wrote my post today and then realized it fit much better over on my mom’s blog, Food Adventures Etc. So for today’s post, please read it here.

Yes, I’m doing the primal thing – but it’s not a 100%. 80/20 with some non-gluten grains allowed (oats being one of them). It’s wonderful to re-imagine one of my favorite dish in a more-primal friendly way (although still not suitable for you people that are actually serious about this whole thing).

Tomorrow’s post will probably have something to do with either:
  • Farley attempting to kill me on the canal (probably due to a lack of riding, turnout, and lunging) during today’s ride and my intention to give her more of what she needs (ie riding, turnout, and lunging!). It was my first non-lesson ride it what seems like MONTHS. Did I mention she has grown at LEAST 2 inches since last year (I swear ), put on a TON of muscle (dressage and jumping will do that to you…..), is incredibly fit, and is a downright SCARY little monster right now? Where did my fuzzy fat pony go? When does she come back?
  • My indecision of whether to go to 20MT 100 mile ride at the end of February.
  • My lamenting that my schedule is now booked through the end of February.
  • My jump lesson yesterday with grids, in which Farley cussed – and it was very cute.
  • Me really Really REALLY looking forward to a trail ride with a fellow endurance rider next weekend. Hopefully a good ride between 2-3 hours. Which would probably solve a bunch of the issues above – blow off her excess energy, and let me know whether I should be considering 20 MT. Not to mention getting me out into the sunshine.

I’m on pins and needles waiting for my vet school interview notification and it’s making it very hard to concentrate on ANYTHING. I go crazy the minute I stop living in the moment, so just taking it a day at a time right now.


  1. I really want to do the primal diet but am scared i will fail miserably!! Right now I am on the Zone diet which is pretty close to it, but not quite. maybe one day I can get the guts to go full out primal!

  2. You've got a whole planet full of moral support for you, Mel. You can do it all!


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