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Wednesday, January 26, 2011

First round.....

UPDATE: A new page has been created for the blog called "For Sale". Please click on the link below the picture header for the most current list of available items and prices. Everything must be gone by May 2011. All prices are OBO.

I do have some “breaking news” (non-vet school related…*sigh*) that I’ll post on later.
I usually try to avoid using the blog as some sort of classified site, but here’s the deal. I’m moving. I’m going to be going to school. As a result, I will have less space, less time, and less money. A lot of stuff needs to go.

I’ve done a first round through the horse stuff, and I’m planning doing at least 2 more. Originally, all this was going in a local tack sale in April, but I’m tired of seeing the pile in my living room, and I'm moving my horse this weekend (oops – did I let that slip?), so I’m going to have to sell more stuff faster…..

So here’s the deal. I’m giving my blog readers first look at the list because most of this first round of stuff is something a fellow endurance rider can appreciate. What doesn’t sell by April will go into the tack sale. What doesn’t sell by May will go in the Yard Sale, and what doesn’t sell by June will go to the local freecycle list.

If you want something, you must e-mail me directly at, or leave contact info in a comment with what item you want. First come first served. I can’t respond to comments, so if there’s no contact info in your comment, it doesn’t count.

I accept pay pal and Money Orders. If paying through pay pal, add $2 to the item price to cover fees (or chose the option to pay the fee yourself during the transfer).

Prices do not cover shipping. Most items will ship between $5 and $10. You will have to tell me if you want special shipping (insurance etc.) otherwise I ship USPS, cheap. I’ll arrange pick up if you are local, or can bring to any rides or events I’m going to etc.

I have pics of most items. Some of the items will be dirty and may need laundering. If there’s damage, I’ve tried to note it. Jonah the cat tried to help me take pics last night. Cat isn’t included.

Yes, I’ll take offers. In most cases, I’ve tried to make sure that none of the items are priced more than 50% of their new price.

Ready. Set. Go!

Synthetic stirrup leather. Great for a spare leather for rides/crew bag. If I can find the other one, I will sell as a pair. $5 (for the single leather).

Camelbak backpack with reservoir (missing cap). New bite valve. Has pockets for small items. $20

Picnic blanket – smells funny, needs washed. Fuzzy/flannel feel on top, tarp like on the bottom, folds and rolls for carrying and storage. Great for putting tack on during vet checks. $5

Solar shower - $5

Troxel sport helmet, white, size small. 1 year old, no falls. - $10

Easy ride stirrups with cages and the “new style” top bars. Plastic - $45

Easy ride stirrup without cages. Old style top bars Plastic. $35

Black round rope reins with clips. I really like these reins, but I have too many reins so I’ll let them go fo….$15

Leather roping style reins with clips $10

Nylon roping style reins with clips (I like using these as a pair of spare reins in my crew bag). $5

Toe stoppers for English stirrups. Some of the Velcro needs reattached to backing with super glue or something. These are the “old” style without the additional stitching, which is why the Velcro needs to be reattached. They have a website if you are interested in more pictures/info. $15

Brown English brow band. $2

Camo mini mag flashlight. No batteries. Worked last time it did have batteries, but no guarentees. $5

22” mohair girth – used once, like new condition. Montana Cincha brand $50

26” mohair girth. Clean and in excellent condition. Montana Cincha brand $40

Burlap-like blanket. 56” from neck to tail, 76-77” from check closure to take. Has all leg straps and fasterns. One hole ~1/2”, no chest straps. $10

Cable lock (master lock) with key. Great for trailer hitches. $3

Red “stowaway” cantle pack for English saddle. All zippers work, all straps present, no holes. $25

Blue “stowaway” pommel pack. Would work for both English and western saddle. All zippers work, no holes. $25

50” brown fuzzy girth. $10

Black Griffith short boots. Bottom Velcro strap is worn. Boots are designed specifically for endurance riders. $15

Thinslate black riding mittens. $10

Nylon sheet – good condition. All straps etc. Neck to tail = 57”, 76” from front closure to tail. $15

Play station games. E-mail me for selection - $10 each

Cookbooks. E-mail me for selection - $5 each

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