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Tuesday, March 27, 2012


....I won't have to sell all my possessions and live under a bridge in a cardboard box.

I *finally* found employment.  Doing something that is PERFECT for my lifestyle, my background, and my strengths.  It's minimal hours for now, but has the potential to open yet more doors for me.

Yes, technically with my boot business and by extension, the blog, I am employed - but the advertising $ and then boot sales, while fun and rewarding, don't pay my bills.

I wasn't totally freaking out - when I've needed employment, I've been able to find it.  I just usually don't have to stare at this many closed doors to get it.

On Friday I was notified that my STAR project was not going to be funded (the endurance-related study).  My mentor and I knew it was a long shot, and unfortunately a gamble that didn't pay off.  The STAR project would have paid a 5K living dividend and with that possibility gone, I spent the weekend really at a loss.

On Sunday, I slept in the recliner in the living room - too restless and stressed to actually go to bed.

Monday I was talking about looking for employment at Petco, McDonalds, and Starbucks.

Monday afternoon I had an interview

Today I was notified that I was selected for the position.


Where one door closes, a more perfect one opens.  

I'll be doing something very similar that I already do here for this blog - stay current on literature updates, submit that information for website updates, and possibly write a few blog posts - on the subject of Raw Milk.  It also links it very well to my background in the dairy industry and in food quality/safety and pathogen control.  This project has a potential to morph into a more hands on research opportunity, but for now, I'm happy to be working from home doing something I enjoy, on a very flexible schedule.


  1. Just for the record, I'm neutral on the subject of Raw Milk. I drank it sometimes as a kid. I've bought it from the store as an adult. While I used to LOVE milk, when I was 20 or so, drinking milk starting to make me feel very sick. It was transient and linked to periods of high stress - like right before a marathon. By the time I was 23 or 24, I had to avoid milk on a regular basis because it made me nauseous. I tried raw milk purchased from the store, and tastes better to me, and doesn't make me feel sick to drink. However, it was cost prohibitive, I don't HAVE to have milk in my diet, and I was a little uncomfortable with the idea of commercialized raw milk - it's a different thing than having a milk cow in your backyard, or in your neighbor's. I'm excited that I get to look at the literature and evaluate some of the sources on both sides of the issue.

  2. Your mother is not paying you is she? Sounds like the type of dream column she would like to read!


  3. That's awesome, Mel! Congratulations! I know the relief that comes with getting a job offer...even better when it's something that is a perfect fit.

  4. Hooray. I knew it would all be good. >g<

  5. Congrats! As someone who was unemployed for 20 months I can relate.

    Be sure to link to your work on raw milk - I'm very interested in the subject.

  6. Congrats! totally looking forward to what you learn about the subject.

  7. Sounds interesting! I understand the issues with raw milk, but as someone who grew up with a milk cow in the back yard, I feel uncomfortable with the literature describing it as if it were raw poultry juices.


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