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Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Blog round up 2/29/11 and beyond

Here's the blog round up - the best from my google reader and beyond!!!  On a related subject, how the world did my Reader top 200 unread posts????????

Have you subscribed to this blog yet?  Because it seems like every time he posts, I end up linking him.  The post today really hit home.  I was sure because I didn't really learn to ride until I was in college that I was so far behind my friends who had been riding since junior high or earlier, that I would never ever ever catch up.  But I've been just fine.  I wish I could go back and tell that 12 year me that riding isn't like learning a foreign language and doesn't have a "critical" period for learning. 

I think I could relate to EVERY single one of the "truths" posted here.

Another example of someone who isn't afraid to reevaluate their opinion, when faced with something new.  I like that.  I support that.   IMO that's the only way you grow and develop into a person with depth and character.

Beautiful post on Black Stallion book illustrations.  A client sent me this link and it really brightened my day.  It makes me want to go through my books again and just look at the pictures.  For some reason black stallion illustrations put a certain feeling of anticipation in my stomach.  Of a good read, a relaxing afternoon, a sense of comfort.

An endurance rider gets inventive (of course!  What else is new?  I'm not sure you can be an endurance rider and NOT do something crazy like go to a ride where the weather is going to be crappy enough you are compelled to put up plywood sheets on your horse trailer....)

I'm thinking my blog could use an emergency button ....

I finally met Merri in the flesh at the convention!  Such a cool person.  Looks like everyone at the convention ended up with new tights from Evelyn's....myself included!

I think that long distance sled dog races have a lot in common with endurance - and I must admit that sledding was my obsession before I found the much more reasonable ride-a-100-miles-on-a-horse sport.  However, after reading this blog, I'm quite sure that dog sled teams have one problem I'll never have as an endurance rider!

Proof that we vets do have a sense of humor .

Yet another cool article about the Iditarod......and I love it that he said he pulled because his dogs weren't having fun.  I must admit that this one sentence "made" the article for me and I didn't even read the rest.  BTW, if I ever did the Idiarod I would totally get a tatoo.  Wouldn't you?

And with that, my google reader is below 200 posts and I'm done for the night!

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