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Sunday, March 18, 2012

Seminar follow up - Nutrition

I was doing some literature searches and came across a paper that is almost exactly the information that was presented during the nutrition seminar.  I can't remember whether the guy who wrote the paper (Duran) is the same person who presented at the seminar, but the company is the same - Kentucky Equine Research.  Unfortunately, there is no year on the paper so I'm not sure how much older the information in the paper is than what I heard at the seminar.  And, while it has references, I think the in-text citations are inadequate - BUT I think it's nice to see the information written down so it can be evaluated, rather than what I remembered being presented.

If you are interested, the paper has been added to the Mendeley group (you can access it from the side bar) and is called "Feeding the endurance horse".

Update:  After reviewing KER's "published research" page, I think the paper I posted was probably this one:  Duren S, KM Crandell. 1998. Feeding the endurance horse. World Equine Veterinary Review. Vol 3/2:28-35.

Other citations that might be of interest to you (but I don't have the time to look up and post the actual documents) are:

Crandell, K.G., J.D. Pagan, P.A. Harris and S.E. Duren. 1999. A comparison of grain, oil and beet pulp as energy sources for the exercised horse. In: Equine Exercise Physiology V, pp. 485-489.

Harris, P.A., J.D. Pagan, K.G. Crandell and S.E. Duren. 1999. Effect of feeding Thoroughbred horses a high unsaturated or saturated vegetable oil supplemented diet for 6 months following a 10-month fat acclimation. In: Equine Exercise Physiology V, pp. 468-474.

Bullimore, S.R., J.D. Pagan, P.A. Harris, K.E. Hoekstra, K.A. Roose, S.C. Gardner and R.J.Geor. 2000. Carbohydrate supplementation of horses during endurance exercise: Comparison of fructose and glucose. Journal of Nutrition 130:1760-1765.

Duren, S.E., J.D. Pagan, P.A. Harris and K.G. Crandell. 1999. Time of feeding and fat supplementation affect plasma concentration of insulin and metabolites during exercise. In: Equine Exercise Physiology V, pp. 479-484

Pagan, J.D., I. Burger and S.E. Jackson. 1995. Long-term effect of feeding fat to 2-yearold Thoroughbreds in training. In: Equine Exercise Physiology IV, pp. 343- 348.

FYI - All these papers hare some how associated with KER's research program

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