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Monday, July 6, 2009

Dealing with difficult people

Speaking of dealing with difficult people, I thought this might be an opportunity to promote my sister's blog. My sister deals with them on a continuous basis and has a different strategy than I. She has recently updated her blog with some real winners. If you would like a bit of a laugh, I recommend checking out her blog here.

Please keep the advice coming in my earlier blog here! I may not use all of it, but if it doesn't help me, it might help someone else.


  1. HA! Her blog is pretty entertaining, and makes me feel good about my job! I manage a vacation rental, and have to deal with guests. With vacation rentals you get three kinds of people:
    1. Super nice people who think everything is great
    2. Quiet people who stay to themsleves the whole time
    3. people who dont' understand what a vacation rental is and think they should be served on by me hand and foot. Which by the way, I don't serve anyone! Hahaha!

    I alway find meeting new people to be quite an adventure!
    I met this one endurance rider at the endurance seminar who I didn't like right off the bat. The name Jeramy Rynalds must have come out of her mouth for some reason or another about 15 times! Personally I think she has a bit of a crush on him, whatever he used or liked seemed to be the best to her!

    But once we got out on the trail I warmed up to her a bit. Lucy kept trying to run her little gelding over and then when I finally got in front it gave her a chance to let her gelding walk out a little faster. She was still a know it all, but we all tend to do that sometimes.

    I think the moral of my story is to not judge to quickly.

  2. JB - I think my sis is quite a talented writer - oh! that my narrative skill could but approach hers!

    I know that I tend to judge too quickly and those first judgements of people are usually WRONG! I've learned to step back and keep giving the person a chance becauase I usually end up hitting it off with them. There are exceptions though!

    Jeremy Reynolds is a well known endurance rider that does quite well. I believe they (him and his wife Heather) live in Livermore now. They have a website (can't think of it now) that I have gone to and gleaned what information I can from. I've met him at some rides and he's a very nice guy. I agree that it can be difficult to hear someone go on and on about something though (even if the information is valid and useful).

  3. Thanks Mely :)
    The last day or so, I asked myself why I wasn't writing about things other than work...I've WANTED to. That was kind of the point of the blog, with labels on the work related ones. The very day I decided to do that, things started happening at work that HAD to be written about. Oh well :(


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