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Thursday, July 23, 2009

Tevis Update

Nope, I haven't dissapeared. Here's an update on all things Tevis.

1. I've had THE busiest week at work in a very long time. As a result I'm time crunched, tired, grumpy, and have a headache.

2. Trying to prepare my Tevis crew is like trying to herd cats. Somewhat entertaining. A lot of patience involved, which I have more of when I'm not time-crunched, tired, grumpy, and have a headache.

3. Farley was suppose to be getting shoes today. Now she is getting shoes next Thursday. TWO DAYS BEFORE THE TEVIS. Found out Tuesday that my farrier has left the state until next week.....There goes my *perfect* 10 day Tevis shoes. I'm mad as a wet cat, but don't want to switch farriers this close to the big race. Instead of leaving Wednesday night or Thursday morning, now I can't leave until Thursday late morning. If it's hot, I'll probably wait until Thursday night because I don't want to trailer her in the heat of the day.

4. I'm very very very stressed right now, trying to get everything done - pack for me and the horse, coordinate a ten person crew, get my stuff out of my trailer and with people that can take it to the checks. Get the shopping done, get the crew instructions done (pretty much done as of an hour ago). I'm putting more on my Mom than I should. I'm getting over my aversion to asking people to do stuff for me. Still on the todo list: buy more buckets and sponges, separate what is going to the vet checks (one pile) and what is going to the start and finish (separate pile), put together a food list for mom to grocery shop, coordinate my sister's travel plans, get the crew t-shirts and hats to my mom for silk screening. Make copies of the crew packet.

5. One thing that has gone right - I got a sponsor for my entry fee! Yep - in exchange for paying my entry fee (including stabling), my crew gets to wear t-shirts and hats. I'm using the money to stock icechests for my crew during the race, pay for their award lunch on Sunday, and buy my completion buckle if I finish. Next year I'll start earlier - I'm hoping to have most of the costs associated with the actual day of the race covered.

6. I've planned my next major horse endeavor after Tevis. No details now because everything goes on hold until after Tevis. But it's exciting I promise!


  1. Hey, you think you are going through something different than all of us who have ever entered Tevis? *big wink* Welcome to the pre ride "crap". lol it will all come together, trust me. Have crew that takes care of horse, have crew that takes care of you. You will want to take care of horse yourself, but try to eat, drink, and give directions. Make your crew make you eat. Have a selection of food. If you have room, have a tarp to toss your saddle on at Robinson. Lots of dirt and pine needles. The crew will often have to carry stuff a bit at Robinson, so consider that with what you send. We leave extra tack in truck, and send a runner if a girth, pad or saddle etc change is needed.

    Take a deep breath. It will be fine. I actually like shoes days before, but have a horse who never has issues with rocks.

    I bet you keep a note pad near you at all times, making more lists. Mine stays next to the bed, in case I wake up thinking of something. lol

    If you feed carotts, you can buy them in Truckee, before heading to the start at the Raliys (sp?)

    I think that is all I have for random thoughts. Wishing you a wonderful ride. Enjoy it!!! When you crest the top after Squaw, take in that view ahead of you, and realize at the end of those mountains and valleys is your goal, where you WILL be riding across that finish line.

  2. Try to get some decent rest. You have everyone pulling for your success. We east coast flatlanders are envious.

  3. herding cats eh?
    well here's a big MEOW from the hitchiking one :P

  4. Hi Melinda!

    I enjoy reading your blog :) Just curiously how did you get your entry fee sponsored?

    I am heading to Tevis all the way from Maryland...maybe we will get the chance to meet!


  5. Don't forget to SLEEP!!!

    Write it on the calendar if you must...and do it NOW, because the closer to ride day you get, the less likely you will be able to get some real rest.

    My fingers are crossed, and I'll be watching the remote reports and hoping to see your name on the finisher's list!!!

  6. I'm keeping my fingers crossed for you Mel! I have Saturday off, so I plan to follow some on the online coverage, and will keep an "eye" on you!

    GOOD LUCK! I'm excited to follow your big adventure!

  7. Just reading this post, I got stressed for you!! Sounds like a alot of work but it will definitely be worth it. Wish I could be there to help crew and cheer you on!Best of luck.

  8. Thanks everyone - I'm definately feeling better. I'll do a post soon on how I managed my stress....I had to spend some money to do it, but it was worth every penny.

    Ashley - I got my entry/stabling fees sponsered by asking! The company I work for had done a promotion where they would pay for your Bay-to-Breakers race entry fee (a well known foot race in San Fransico) if you would wear a t-shirt and hat promoting the company. I figured it wasn't much different than the Tevis event, and for the one entry fee, I agree that all 10 people supporting me/crew would wear the t-shirts and hats for the race and during the awards banquet. I wrote a letter explaining how it would be a wonderful thing for them to do, and they agreed! My plan next year is to be more proactive in getting sponsers and getting the entire cost of race day covered (I think 1K is my approximate race day costs, including crew).


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