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Monday, March 22, 2010

How the vending machine won

I think rider fitness and wellness is well suited to any horsey blog, and especially endurance ones.  There is no denying that rides go better when the rider is in shape and riding to the best of their ability.  The lack of flexibility, strength, cardio all affect our mounts and their ability to be "fit to continue" at the end of the day.
Sometimes the horsey makes up for the riders shortcomings.  That's what happened at 2010 20MT 100.  Farley was in great shape and did way more than her share of packing my fat ass around.
Sometimes the rider shares more of the burden.  That's what happened at 2009 Tevis 100.  Because I was in great shape, I was able to do some foot work and continue to ride well and keep Farley sound "enough" to get her to Foresthill.  If I had been too tired to get off and run, or too tired to stay centered in the saddle, the outcome may have been a bit different. 
Most of the time though it's partnership between the two of us - both of us fit enough for our respective jobs. 
I have a ride in 2 1/2 weeks.  3 1/2 weeks out from 20 MT and I'm still not appreciable fitter than I was then. 
True, I can chalk up most of my lack of fittness to my knee - now, 10 days from injury it feels like it's probably 80% healed.  Enough that I'm not in pain, but if I over do it it's toast.  I'm being a suprisingly good patient.  I'm not pushing it and when I discovered that going on long walks outside of my normal movement for day made it feel worse the next day, I've even cut out my daily walks.  And little by little it's healing.  Now is NOT the time to get impatient.  Another week and I should be able to run and (hopefully) never have another related problem with it!
But honestly - there's a lot I could be doing besides walking and running to maintain fittness.  Pilates, exercise ball, pushups.  But they aren't as FUN as running and without the endorphins of running to egg me on, I. Just. Don't. Feel. Like. It. 
Not to mention my new recliner and Dr. Who/Torchwood has been calling my name every evening. 
To counter balance this whole non-running period I've attempted to watch what I eat even closer than normal.  Because of my size and my decreased activity level, that means I get a piddling 1300 calories a day. 
Which brings me to this afternoon.  I had a long tiring weekend.  Even now, as I've stared in a stupor at my computer screen for the last 8 hours I can't recall one single productive thing I've done today.  The vending machine calls.
The cash (grocery $$ left over from the subway sandwich I had for lunch) burns. 
I'm tired and I'm grumpy, and I'm not able to function.  I need sugar damn it!  And fat!  And screw the diet!
Farley pops in my head and reminds me that my weight limit is 160 pounds with tack.  And according to my weigh in this morning, I have gained back the 5 pounds I lost last month. 
I argue that it was water weight and banish her and head for the vending machine.
Here's the problem. 
I always *think* I want a candy bar, but always always ALWAYS feel like crap afterwards. 
*sigh*  so no candy bar. 
They have popcorn!
Popcorn is whole grain!  See - it even says so on the bag!  And glory be - it's even light butter.  Obviously God wants me to have popcorn.
Plunk goes my 80 cents and into the microwave.
Uggg.  Too salty and fatty, especially as this is my first junk food in a couple of weeks. 
Not satisfying. 
Maybe I should go back for a candy bar....?


  1. awww...I think of all your choices though pop corn was really not too bad. You have way more discipline then me!

  2. Michael Pollen (food guru, author of The Omnivore's Dilemma and others) says that he tries to keep himself on track by asking himself if he's hungry enough to eat an APPLE. If he is, he has an apple. If he isn't, he has another cup of coffee or glass of water.

    I say: apple. right. sure. uh-huh.

    Howsabouts I put peanut butter on that apple? And chocolate chips?


  3. Hey - it's me - your next door neighbor at 20MT. Congrats on your finish! Just wanted to add a quick comment. I dislocated my knee just 2 or 3 weeks before Desert Gold and was healed enough to ride the 50 anyway. I was in a leg brace, leg wrap, and crutches for several days. It is AMAZING how quickly we heal when a ride is looming ... :0)

    I also "run" when there's enough daylight (not far - just 2 miles a day). I held off on ANY knee bending/flexing/moving and only rode twice for a few minutes a few days before the ride. Piece of cake! I didn't get off and run like I normally would, but we finished!

    Take care of it and you'll do fine!


  4. I often keep a bag of super dark chocolate chips on hand for those moments when I think I want a candy bar.

    Since they're chips and not a whole chocolate bar, I can just have a few. Or a few more... ;)

    If I need sweet too, I slice up an apple or other fruit, microwave the chips for a few seconds till they melt, then dip the fruit in the melted chocolate.

    At that point, I'm having fruit with chocolate fondue, and you can't get something THAT tasty out of a vending machine!!!

  5. Ah ha. heeheee

    *wiping tears from eyes

    this was TOO funny!! And the Farley-horse being in your head telling you what to do... that's like mom for me lol

    I feel you. I really do.

  6. Karen - thanks for the encouragement about the knee. I only sprained it, so hopefully it's OK????? I'm going hiking today so I guess I'll see how well it's healed. Knee is still about 85% healed....still hurtsafter sitting and when I REALLY bend it undermyself, but fine otherwise....

    If I'm not hungry enough to eat protein or fibre, I'm not hungry.....*sigh*. Tamera's posts last year were really inspring. Time to get back into that mode again.

    Melinda (who has lost 5 pounds and has 5 pounds to go and then SWEARS she won't gain it back!)


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