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Wednesday, March 31, 2010

More "terms"

A very clever reader sent in more terms to add to our list. 
Current terms:  e-rider, BBs
Proposed terms:
"When your boss hands you a huge, ridiculous, overwhelming task – just take a deep breath and consider it an OTS = Opportunity To Shine!"
  • My gosh this is SO applicable to endurance!  When you wake up and it's rainy, and your horse is grumpy, and you fell in the mud AGAIN, consider it an OTS!  When half way through a 50 your reins disintegrate, it starts raining, AND you just got whacked in the eye with a very wet flower laden shrub - consider it an OTS!
"..when someone makes a terrible choice in behavior or actions at work he likes to call them CED's = Career Ending Decisions."
  • This too is very applicable!  Instead of "CED's", let's refer to them as "RED's" (Ride ending decisions).  This could involve you choice to use a brand new pair of tights before a 100.  Or a last minute saddle switch.  Or a change in electrolytes, or not eating for the entire ride....
I think the test for whether a term is suitable for the blog is whether it will make ride reports more entertaining (or at least, "funner" to write - yes I know "funner" isn't a word). 
Test ride story:
At today's ride I had a total of 5 OTS moments and only 3 decisions that *almost* were RED's.  This is a vast improvement over my last ride (5 OTS and 5 almost REDs), but enough to keep the ride interesting (my gosh - do you remember that ride where NOTHING happened?  That's hardly endurance!)
Yep, I think they work. 
Anyone got any more?



1 comment:

  1. Here's one for you:

    Toad Moments , a nod to Kenneth Grahame's character Mr. Toad from Wind in the Willows , also known to Disneyland fans because of the famous "Mr Toad's Wild Ride."

    "Toad Moments" can include (but are not limited to): spooking, spinning, bucking, rearing, stomping, leaping, pronging, and abruptly freezing-in-place.

    You know you've ridden through them. I know I've ridden through them...or, uh, not.


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