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Friday, September 30, 2011


What if....

I had a personal assistant? 

What would I choose to "contract" out of my life?  

This one is easy.  Phone calls and listening to messages.  And handwashing dishes.  And washing my vehicles.

But let's face it - that's a boring way to look at a rather fanciful question.  

"What do I want to accomplish that I am not accomplishing?"

Before school, it seemed straightforward - what I needed was a housekeeper to do my housework and laundry, and to cook and to make up my lunches.  Then I could continue to ride and run, but have a dwelling that wasn't embarrassing-ly dirty and unsanitary.

It seemed like a darn fine idea to have a personal assistant tie up the loose ends of my life.  

Now in school, I have more time than I while working - but somehow I'm getting less done.

Here's the sad thing - having a personal assistant wouldn't do a darn thing.

The same old things that I detest are still present - talking on the phone, listening to message, returning phone calls - but I've realized the time I spend doing those things is minimal and having someone else do them wouldn't gain me more than 10 minutes a week.   I still do a minimum of housework, but with a dishwasher and another person around it's more than reasonable.  I'm enjoying my school work too much to even consider having someone else study for me - even if that was possible in some magic universe.  If I wanted to ride, I have the time.  If I wanted to run or get in better shape, I have the time.  I have the time to play with Tess and do as much training as we can both handle.  I have the time to blog.  I have the time to commute an average of 2 1/2 hours a day.

In reality, I'm accomplishing a fraction of what I want and as gaining more time in the day does me absolutely no good; the premise that having a personal assistant would help me accomplish more  is rather depressing. 

So let's throw reality out the window.


Let's take a different approach to the question.  A much less practical way of looking at the questions.

And infinitely more fun.

"How could I make my life more fabulous by having someone else do stuff for me?"

I like this question much better.

Instead of fantasizing what more I could ACCOMPLISH with the personal assistant (and implied extra time), now we are talking about standard of living change....

For example-

Someone to bring me hot drinks on command.  This definitely tops the list.

Someone to coordinate my social life and my calendar.  And to tell people "no" when I'm invited to an event that threatens to "overbook" my calendar.

Someone to decide what the menu will look like for the week and to draw up shopping lists.

Someone to prepackage little salads for me, on demand.

Someone who would keep my tackroom/trailer in impeccible order.

Someone to beautifully groom Tess.

Someone that will do Farley's feet for me, every 2 weeks, that will let me watch and ask a million questions and do it when I'm available - weekends and evenings.

Someone to ride my horse 5 days a week on a strict rehab program, for the next 6 months.  Exactly the way I want it done. And except for the days I actually feel like riding.

Someone that could ultrasound my horses leg after every ride and tell me exactly how whether I'm making progress or not. 

Someone that could take showers for me

We can all dream right? 


  1. I know your post was more a light-hearted fun one - but you might want to try


    It's a busy, somewhat hard-to-wade-through website that a friend recommended to me years ago when I lamented how I always let my dirty dishes pile up and hated to fold the laundry.

    Basically she gives babysteps to help form routines that makes it feel like you have more time in a day - the boring important stuff (cleaning, etc) gets done automatically because of following the routines of new habits which allows you more free-time.

    And back to the dream, mine would be:

    Someone to style my hair every morning so I look lovely, yet my hair stays out of my face. (ponytails are getting old...but I have neither the time nor inclination to branch out much)

  2. >waving hand<

    I'll take endless showers!


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