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Friday, September 9, 2011

I'll be back shortly....

Yesterday, driving to school in my truck, I was dismayed to find I had less than a quarter tank of gas.  To my amazement, as I drove throughout the day, my gauge readjusted itself so that I had MORE gas.  What the heck is going on?  It was parked on a slope - maybe that was the issue?  Although, after driving for 2+ hours I didn't think it should still be readjusting....

This morning I moved vehicles around so the truck was in the driveway.  I hopped in, and sure enough, the gauge still showed half a tank!  Then I realized the problem.

All day, for my 1+ hour commute each way and the trip to get the hay....I had failed to notice that I was transposing the "E" and the "F" on the fuel gauge.  And didn't have a clue.  Nada.  I went to bed wondering why I ended up with more gas at the end of the day than I started with.  I complained to the boyfriend that in addition to smashing my drivers side mirror to little bits that day, now my gas gauge was freakin' broke too!

I had started with almost a full tank. 

The boyfriend was unamused when I called this morning and told him everything was fine. 

The gauge that is.  Not the mirror. 

He admitted that he didn't think even *I* could be that silly...

So, I have concluded that my second rabies vaccine kicked my a$$.  It is making me TIRED and although I managed to pass my first midterm this morning (I think....), I'm in no shape to much else, including sit through this cell pathology lecture that doesn't involve a pillow. 

And yes - this counts as one of my three posts for the week.  :) 

Now go amuse yourself with some of these links:

Did you hear?  Mugs bought Fugs and posted a great post here

A video.  If you aren't an anatomy student, you probably won't get it.  But I thought it was funny.  

A good reference article on Electrolytes.  Give yourself a primer.  You can't ignore elytes - eventually it will come around and bite you the a$$.  Much like a rabies series.  (did I mention I have one more to go?)

I think most of you saw this when I posted it on Twitter/Facebook...but just in case you didn't, find out about the bear that will most likely eat you - it isn't mother+cubs.

A good (but not necessarily happy) article about some of the difficult desisions that await most of us at the end of our pet's life.

Karen Chaton's article (a reprint) of why it's awesome to be an endurance rider. 

Karen's dressage blog (different Karen than the one above) is starting a trailering series that looks promising. 

A different look at how one endurance rider takes care of herself on the trail.  Which I need to revisit for myself - all the issues that show up during a 100 are starting to show up in vet school, now 4 weeks in.  :(  Same gastro/nausea, hypersensitive to foods.  I may have mentioned...(who am I kidding, of COURSE I have mentioned....) how well endurance prepared me for vet school, and it looks like in addition to the preparation, there are some very similar demands physically/emotionally/mentally.  It's a rather interesting correlation. 

And now, I really must go.  There are pictures of enlarged dog prostates on the powerpoint and how could I possibly miss that?  After my nap of course....I could decide "better living through chemistry" and reach for those caffeine pills.  Have I mentioned there's one more rabies shot in my series.  Maybe THAT one won't be the same week as a midterm....


  1. OK, I am definitely stocking up on big jugs of bear spray next time we go on a hike. Maybe I could rig it like a car alarm. Something comes up and rocks me and bam! The can tied to my back shoots off!

  2. I really don't care if the bear that kills me is going to eat me afterwards or not, though not, makes it a wasteful sort of animal. Imagine: your loved ones would not even have to chose between burial or cremation, truly being eaten is one of the green burial options. I also don't care if the bear that kills me is a "calm poet" sort of bear, I think I should be able to get it before it has a chance to get me. Besides, I have never read any bear poetry that was any good anyway.


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