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Saturday, December 10, 2011

My desk

It's almost 4am and I'm bored.  Had a cup or two of coffee at dinner and unexpectadly pulled an all nighter. 

Was VERY productive with my lecture notes - my study guide is started and I might even pass that midterm coming up next Friday! 

What to do when I've been up for 24 hours and I'm not remotely sleepy?  How about taking a picture of my desk in the too-dark-living room? 

I'm still dedicated to the standing while working "thing" and found a combination of legs/tops/clamp on shelving at IKEA that allows me to have a workstation at the proper height.  It's in the living room for now until we can clear out the spare bedroom enough for it to go in there. 

Tess's bed fits under the desk very nicely, I have a stool for when I want to lean on something.  The legs go VERY low and VERY high - making it very versitile whether I decide to stand, sit on a ball (most desks are too high for me if I'm sitting correctly on a ball), or sit on the floor. 

And yes, I'm still wearing those barefoot shoes (soft star runamocs).  I've found I can barely wear even the most comfy of "real" shoes for a day.  I can be on my feet all day in the mocs without a problem, but even my shoes I used to consider super comfy make my feet ache at the end of the day.  I also get weird blisters since I've lost all the callouses from the sides of my toes and feet. 

I have to sit most of the day in the classroom (or at least, until I can devise something creative) and combined with the 2.5 hours I spend commuting every day, is definitely taking a toll of my body.  My posture isn't as good, and my IT bands and hamstrings are tighter than they've ever been (and I'm sitting more than I ever have before).  Thus, I'm REALLY happy I could come up with something at home that limits the amount of sitting I have to do for studying. 

How is this endurance/vet/horse related?  Because this is the location that the posts get written.  AND it's important for the endurance rider to constantly evaluate their lives and see if something as simple as ditching the chair could make them a better and more balanced rider.  It's made a HUGE difference for me. 

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  1. Yes! Since I work an office job I potentially spend a lot of the day sitting too. But I found a tall table and moved my computer onto it and stand now (with an extended height computer chair for the times I want to rest). I have a soft mat to stand on (I usually slip my shoes off and stand barefoot). It's fabulous and I feel a lot better for it.


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