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Saturday, May 19, 2012

Me, less whiny

It's only fair that I give you, my fabulous Reader, an update. Very little horsey content. 

As usual, I wait to post until near the "bottom", which means that the upside isn't too far off. 

Thanks to your suggestions and some forced activities on my part, I'm feeling oh so much better. 

As I stood in REI today picking up some items for the upcoming backpacking trip, I had a revelation--> this seemed oh so familiar. 

In fact, as you might recall, during my preparations for Tevis 2009, I went to a sporting goods store, spent untold $$$ on backpacking gear, and then placed my packed gear in the corner.  Immediately after Tevis, I went on my first backpacking trip.  Solo.  

In fact, I think that one of the best tricks in my book is going to be scheduling a backpacking trip after any major event, whether it's the end of school year, an event that is arguably for "fun", or some other mentally draining thingy. 

OK --> so now I have something demonstrably makes a difference.  Plan a backpacking trip and then prepare for it piece by piece. 

I also went to the stable today and unloaded the rest of my horse gear (almost) and organized it.  The only thing better than riding is organizing riding stuff.  I SWEAR!!!!

Then, I got really wild and decided to buy myself a sundress.  I've wanted a sundress for over a year.  I've tried making myself one, and buying a cheap Walmart one.  None of them really were exactly what I wanted.  REI had one on sale and after trying it on 3 or 4 times in a row and asking Matt continually whether I was pretty in it (I HATE overhead florescent lighting in dressing rooms!) I bought it.  I normally don't subscribe to the retail therapy philosophy.  But screw it.  I haven't taken a shower for a week, I feel fat, useless, and un-pretty (even more so since learning that my full-time job this summer has fallen through) so if it takes a sundress that costs a fraction of what I pay in gas each week to help me snap out of it and focus on the good in my life, than so be it. 

I love the dress.  I immediately took a shower (over a week since my last), shaved (at least 6 months....), pained my toe nails (maybe a couple of years?), and put up my hair in a style that I had admired on my classmate, but had never actually tried to do. 

And now, I feel ready to face the world again. Start riding.  Start running.  Start eating things that support my health.  Get through the rest of this week with flying colors.  Do the right thing by my dog.  and my horse.  and my friends and family.  WHOO HOOO LET'S GO!!!!!!

PS --> AareneX I'm implementing some of your suggestions now and they are REALLY good ideas :).  Thank you so much!


  1. >>bowing<< I'm happy to be of service, m'lady!

    I am seriously good at breaking out of my climate, it's a survival skill.

    One of the biggest tips I can offer: when you are outside in sunshine and happy, take a mental "photograph" to put in your blues album. Real photos are good, but the mental pix are handy to yank out when you're stuck in traffic, or in class, or underwater at work.

  2. Hmm...haven't tried painting the toe nails. Really works to get back in the saddle huh? I already shower and shave daily. And my hair is too short to wear any other way. ;)


  3. You could always shave your head. Or bleach it. and I'm sure some one has some nail polish they would be MORE than happy to lend you.

    I changed my desk top picture to a ride pic that I LOVE (my version of posting a pic on the mirror) and I'm wearing hiking clothes to school today to remind myself of my upcoming trip.

    AND I'm going riding today. I promise. SO EXCITED --> dressage of course.


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