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Monday, May 21, 2012

Myths of a vet student

I'm here, as a first year "graduate" to bust all those myths of those vet school hopefuls, the class of 2016ers (that would be the first year class NEXT year), and anyone else that thinks that we vet students magically have all the answers after 9 months of classes (or after 4 years...but I digress --> wouldn't want my halo to get tarnished or anything).

1.  You don’t get to wear scrubs as often as you think.  Sorry to break it to you, but the white coat is the gold standard.  And if you are having a war on scrub pants like me, protesting the lack of fit for those "fat-bottomed" girls (it's a song in case you missed it....) there's no wearing jeans with a cute scrub top.  And just think, if you buy enough scrubs to wear them every day for class, you are stuck with a million sets of scrubs that designate you as a student after graduation.  NOT COOL. 

2.  Sorry to disappoint, bu yes, you do need calculus, stats, and physics in vet school.  And that biochem and o-chem book that you burned after finally passing it on the 3rd attempt?  Yeah......probably going to regret that choice. 

3.  Most of the information you give clients regarding animal maintenance is better googled than looked up.  I swear.  Do I know what to give an orphaned 1 week collection of chinchillas?  Nope.  Neither, apparently does my textbook.  But this website looks pretty good......Doesn't look too radical and not too many red flags.  Yeah.....we'll pass along that info.

4.  Your animal will get some weird disease in vet school.  Yep, it's true.  Just ask my classmate whose dog got MMM during the musculoskeletal block, or my friend whose cat ate a lily leaf the DAY we had our household plant tox lecture, or the classmate whose dog had a cornea ulcer during the ophthalmology block.   Start saving those pennies.  And no, you will have no earthly idea what to do medically for your pet beyond rushing your animal in for an emergency visit and plunking down that credit card.  I'm pretty sure Farley is going to start showing signs of star thistle poisoning any day, since Tess's attempts at poisoning herself with fuel injector cleaner was unsuccessful (currently in a toxicology block....)

5.  To those of you that say you need to put away your white t-shirts and dancing shoes (or endurance saddles) when you enter vet school, I say PHOOEY!!!!!!  I have more of a social life than I have EVER had in my LIFE!!!!!!  Yes, you will have no money.  Yes, there are tests to study for.  But, stop worrying about how hard the material is, and start planning on LIVING during school.  And that goes for anyone out there who insists that they can't have a social life, or do what they want to do in life --> prioritize and realize that life never changes.  If you are overworked and overwelmed now, it isn't magically going to get better just by virtue of moving, or because you are graduating, or because you are changing jobs.  You will have time to do what you want to do, and what you prioritize.   

6.  I've been told my during various stages of life that NOW (whenever that happens to be) is the best years of my life, only to find out that the next stage is pretty damn good too.   Happiness is a choice, not because of a life status, so no --> getting into vet school isn't going to make you magically happy, nor is graduating from vet school, nor is actually getting a job as a vet, nor is retiring.  If you aren't happy now, there's nothing magical about vet school that's going to change that. 


  1. Just FYI, I was voted "student most likely to have a Real Life" after library school, because I continued to have a Real Life during library school.

    It's about creative scheduling and a willingness to sacrifice sleep.

    You go, gal.

  2. You sound very happy , as if you really "arriving" at where you needed to be.

    Karma is a funny thing...

  3. I'm certaintly trying! Pretending that you are happy is a documented way to eventually feel happier, so I try to fake it even if I'm not feeling it. The fact I CAN fake it (along with having more and more real happiness) tells me that this little funk is almost over (I hope!). The worst part of really being aware of the cycles in my brain is feeling totally helpless to actually change what is happening -> I in textually KNOW what's going on but I can't do a damn thing but watch and wait while my brain goes through its self destruct cycle.

  4. If I haven't said this before: B vitamins and also vitamin D. You can't have too much, especially if you are under a little (snort) stress.

  5. I've been taking the vit d religiously and feel like its really helped. Especially in light of my mom being deficient and some things I've learned in class in regards to it, I thinkits a must at least in the winter (and probably in the summer too depending on circumstances. I would post on the subject but I can't figure out how to make it remotely endurance related..... And have it not be too bitchy...


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