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Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Introducing "Martin"

Above is "Martin", my walking desk. 

We've spent many hours this week doing homework and database maintenance [although no blogging :( ], and I must say I'm in love. 

Martin is of course literary --> remember the mouse warrior from the Redwall books?  I'm on a mouse wheel!!!

I walk along at a lesiurely 1.0 mph  and very much feel like I'm improving my mental and physical health, which tends to decline with long hours spent inside sitting and studying.  I have a wonderful view of the yard and the dogs.  The porch is shaded most of the time and I can work out here long into the night because of the inside light that shines through the window, and the porch light. 

And of course, I'm walking barefoot, keeping my body and feet in condition for the runs that don't happen as often as I would like. 

And yes, I'm aware that the extension cord is a safety hazard right there and will move it immediately :). 

I won't even mention how sore my quads are after a total of ~5 hours on this thing over 2 days.  Who knew that 1.0 at a 2 incline could be such a good workout without even sweating or breathing hard? 

In other news:
-took Farley out Monday for my first real ride in my new saddle and her first real ride since kicking the pipe corral and she felt great both that day AND the day after.  If everything goes well at our conditioning ride next week, than the LD I have planned at the beginning of November is a go. 

-Another Ride and Tie practice tomorrow evening!!!!!!!  Our last one before the big day - not this weekend but the weekend after. 

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  1. I love my "hamster wheel". I've found that I'm now walking faster/steeper incline after about 2 weeks on it.

    I can't do really complex tasks (like writing book reviews, or doing gigantic edits on book chapters), but I can easily catch up on email, facebook, edit photos, and even write a blog post!


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