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Monday, October 8, 2012

Shoe update and ride and tie thoughts and whatever else is on my mind

Any guesses of whether I'm in class or not? (Fwiw I am waiting for the pathology book to update so I'm just typing this out while I'm waiting. So please don't be too hard on me! Plus I just finished a midterm...

When I bought these shoes the company rep was there and she said I could just throw them in the washer when they got dirty and they would come out as good as new. She was right!!! They were filthy from ride and tie practice and the ld ride when I wandered through a couple of creeks and they were so dirty I was worried that it was going to cause irritation on my feet! Good as new, and yes, my fancy laces stayed on during the washing.

My first ride and tie is Saturday!!! Had a practice last Thursday that went really really well! I finally got a taste of how it feels when it works!!! I have a small problem that is a large problem. I'm having helmet problems. I can't wear any of my equestrian helmets because I'll die of heat stroke and probably get a migraine. Just not going to happen. My compromise was a bike helmet. However....the bike helmet is not proving to be comfortable for any length of time. The plastic harness is misshapened and creates pressure spots on my head that really hurt, and the padding breaks down with my sweat, AND it won't stay in place as I run and canter (apparently there's not a lot of bouncing in biking...).

I'm this close to slapping the Mohawk on a baseball cap and calling it good.

Yes, I know that is probably the wrong choice. And irresponsible. And everything else you can throw at me.

If there was a worse role model for young equestrians than endurance riders, it would probably be ride and tie people..

I suppose I could go to a bike store and see what my other options might be in a bike helmet. I know there's nothing in the equestrian world that is going to be near my budget.

I could also cover the inside of my bike helmet with panty liners.

That's what it seems to always come down to huh? Feminine products.

Maybe we should just warn newbies --> there's a FUD for urination, pads for bandages, tampons for bloody noses, and panty liners for various helmet fixes. Not to mention discussions of the virtues of going commando (or not). Should endurance bloggers really be suprised that our blogs seem to come with a certain amount of "adult spam"?

so.....anyways......I have a problem. I don't use pads, tampons, OR panty liners. (if you are feeling brave, google "diva cup" and be welcomed into the brave new world). Thus I rely on donations from friends.

Now, the problem isn't that I'm squeamish about asking, after all who knows who is reading problem is that all my endurance friends and sisters are long distance. Do how does one bring this up in casual discussion among the friends I DO see every day? For people that see blood on a daily basis, vet students can be a squeamish bunch - something I do understand as I'll clean up Tess vomit without blinking early in the morning, but the mere sight of someone retching leaves me running for the nearest toilet.

Do I post on the face book page that I'm in need of some "supplies" and see how many people think I'm talking about drugs?


I post on my blog and wait to see how many of my friends read my blog, and wait for "presents" to show up in my school mail box....hint hint hint.


  1. I know this probably sounds dumb, but can you just carry the helmet when you run? Hop off, fasten it like a retarded bracelet on your wrist, and jog away (from a perfectly sound horse). Or maybe leave the helmet bouncing on the horse somehow? Or how about a cool medics type helmet liner - mine is this bad boy:

    I used to use those Instead cups but I couldn't find them for a while and went back to ob's. Good enough, bleh.

  2. I like that brand too! On the helmet thing.....removing my helmet would be annoying but I guess doable. Maybe I could fasten a clip to my water bottle belt thingy? If I carry it I'll run uneven and probably end up with something not feeling good in a big way (as in might be able to not finish the race on my feet). The problem with clipping it to the horse is that will take time and when we are talking about 20 or more exchanges, the time adds up. To be honest, unless it's easy and not too annoying I'm likely to throw the helmet on the side of the trail in frustration. I know intellectually that protecting my head is absolutely important, but from experience I can say that that reasonableness unfortunately goes out the window when I'm hot and tired.

  3. From how you describe the melee and free for all that is going on at a ride and tie, I'd say you should have a helmet on the ground too. Check the bike stores for a different fitting helmet. Maybe try a lightweight hard hat. Or you could strip out the straps and insides of your bike helmet, stuff it full of panty liners and fasten it to your head with duct tape. They make it in different colors now.

  4. My mother is in charge of birth control and all other feminine nonsense for the county and I'd never ever heard of diva cups. Mind blown. Absolutely fascinated.

  5. Could you attach your helmet to the horse while the other person rides? Then it will be waiting for them? They can just throw it on before mounting on and then leave it for you when they start running? I dunno, just an idea! ;)

  6. I'm sorry that made no logical sense, I mean attach it to the saddle while the horse is tied to the tree waiting for it's next rider (i.e. the next helmet wearer).

  7. 1. attach helmet to saddle somehow
    2. investigate new helmet that won't make you melt (the new Pegasus helmets are reputed to be 10% lighter and 10 degrees cooler)
    3. don't frighten me by threatening to ride without a helmet, please: I am older than you, and very fragile.
    4. mohawk. I still want one! Where? How?
    5. have fun!!!!

  8. Please don't substitute a bike helmet for an equestrian helmet. They are NOT equal at all. Bike helmets focus on front and side impacts while falling from a horse typically ends up with an impact to the back of your head. Bike helmets do not adequately protect the back of your head. Other than that have a good time and good luck!

  9. How about keeping a caribiner on the helmet strap, which shouldn't bother you as you ride, but it's a quick clip onto the saddle somewhere? It would bounce around though, so horse woudl have to be OK with it. Do you and your partner both have helmets? Or can you share (or is that too yucky/difficult)? I've been happy with my Ovation helmet, nice and lightweight.

    I covet your orange shoes.

  10. I've done a ride and tie and it was fun although my mare got very angry after the 3rd tie wondering why she want miving on down the trail. She stood very well though, just gave me get best stink eye. As for the helmet I just carried mine when I ran. If you make a note to exchange hands during each of your legs (so 1st time you run hold it in your right hand and 2nd time you run in the left etc...) you shouldn't get lopsided. If my husband didnt have such a large, round head we would have shared with the rider leaving the helmet beside the horse or clipped to the saddle so the runner could put it on once they mounted and then leave it with the horse once they got off to tie. Have fun!


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