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Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Farley's mane

Yesterday (BTW - keep in mind that these posts are often scheduled, so "yesterday" is relative! thus, Farley go her vaccines on Sunday, not yesterday as the scheduled 6 am post this morning suggested) Farley got over her indignation long enough to take her front half out of the shadows so I could get a decent picture.

Farley says: I'm watching you.
Here's a view from the saddle.
We went on a 7 mile trail ride yesterday. We did it in under an hour, and Tess did more like 10 miles through brush and brumble and over hills and through ditches......Longest trail ride and certaintly the fastest for Tess and she was an ANGEL. She actually napped in my lap that night while I watched a movie. Endurance conditioning = best job EVER for a brittany! Tess and Farley are settling in well together on the trail. Farley has accepted the fact that the white bouncy dog streaks from behind at top speed and is a bit clueless about horses and Tess is now pretty sure that it's still me on that thing, even if I'm wearing a helmet and look weird.


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  1. Q and Kenai on the trail is exactly as you described at the end! He does the same as Tess as far as streaking back and forth - it took him awhile to accept me on horseback! And Q believes the same as Farley as far as obnoxious canines streaking about beneath her - she ran Kenai over once to prove a point and hasn't done it since (pulled the reins away from me to speed up for 10 feet in order to nail him, le sigh). Dogs and horses, a girl's best friends.


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