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Friday, February 15, 2013

I haven't dropped off the face of the earth. 

I'm having some health issues --> nothing extremely serious but enough to keep me barely functional in school and it's unfathomable for me to even think about trying to do anything like blogging.  Dizzy, nauseous, +/- vertigo. 

I managed to free lunge Farley at the beginning of the week, but since then have been put squarely into the category of invalid as I drag my sorry butt from class to class and whine my way through the day. 

Health is so important and I keep being reminded of this fact.


  1. Hope none of this has anything to do with your concussion.

  2. Yes, be careful with that past head injury...! Remember, docs are alot like lawyers, 95% of the time (ok that's not a true stat) they are making s!&t up...take care of yourself. I have to tell I miss the endurance posts!

  3. Oh ... sorry to hear that. Rest up, take care, and feel better quickly. :0)

  4. Get better fast or I will send Luna over to sit on your head.

    That is my most effective threat ever.

  5. Jonna - for some reason I just NOW saw your comment! Yeah...I miss the endurance posts too :(


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