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Tuesday, September 10, 2013

It's a riding day

It's been that kind of day. 

The kind of day that by 6am I knew I HAD to get into the saddle for my mental health, because 2 days post 10-miler PR (personal record) I was NOT going for a run. 

Do you know how you don't want your day to start? 

By finding 5 emails in your inbox from the night before from your instructor telling you to submit your case assignments by midnight or you are going to get a zero, because he doesn't have the cases.

The cases you turned in ON TIME by 9am that morning.  Hard copy (as requested) which means no electronic proof that they got turned in at all.

That have now mysteriously disappeared. 

Sounds like a riding day to me!!!!!!!!

Needless to say with this sort of pre-dawn drama I do NOT have a post for you.  However, I do have a recommendation if you need horsey stuff to read!

Check out the ride and tie association newsletter archive

The latest newsletter is from May.  It has a good article by Melissa Ribley, DVM on post ride recovery, and a short blurb about the most current recommendations for rider/tack weight as a %age of horse body weight.

The second subject (rider weight) comes up on a regular basis on the groups and lists I'm a part of - especially from people who aren't necessarily riders and horse people, but are "horse care professionals", so it's good to educate yourself on the subject. 

BTW - the reason I was in the archive in the first place was because I was looking for the newest newsletter!!!!!!!  Which is where my article (from RnT scholarship essay) will be published!!!!!  It hasn't come out yet, and I'll be sure to announce it here when I see it :).


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