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Friday, September 13, 2013

Very important question!!!!!

I'm currently scheduling my life through May 2015....that's right - this month I'm picking my clinical rotations and scheduling externships through my GRADUATION from vet school.

Even though I'll get a total of 5 weeks vacation between April 2014 and May 2015, only one of those weeks will be "guaranteed" - ie only one is available for me to schedule. The rest will be used by the people who put together the clinical rotation schedule to make the schedule "work".

That one week is to be used for "getting married", "being in a wedding", "going to a bar mistvah".

Of course you know exactly what my first thought was.......


Here's the problem.  There are 2 really cool horsey things I could do next summer.

1. Tevis

2. Ride and tie Championships.

The events are a month apart and while I *might* be able to do some scheduling that gives me a shot at doing both.....I'll only be guarenteed one.

So, which one should I do?

Ride and Tie Championships PROS
- I'll get a buckle for finishing the long course
- I stand a really good chance of finishing
- There's enough people I know that can run and ride, that even if my regular partner has to back out, or there's a horse issue, I have a back up horse (Farley) and lots of backup partners. Thus my chances of making it to the start line is high
- I've never done it before - NEW EXPERIENCE!!!!!
- It's less of a time and money commitment compared to Tevis.

RnT Championship CONS
- it's not Tevis

Tevis PROS
- I love the trail, I love the ride

What do my readers think?


  1. TOTAL SELFISH ANSWER do the RnT thing and crew me at Tevis or just sneak up to Auburn to give me beer at Foresthill ;)

    Objectively, it sounds like RnT is a better bet - like you said you've got multiple partners and horses available, and it's a new experience. Tevis is putting all your eggs in one basket, and you can ride it the month after you graduate. But don't be objective, do the one that makes your heart skip a beat when you think about it :)

  2. Do the RnT thing 'cause then we can hang out together at Tevis since I'm sure I'll be crewing again next year. (We can test Funder's beer ahead of time.)

  3. Do the RnT thing and give the Tevis trail a chance to heal and repair and be even better for the next time you come back. I'm waffling on my own plans to do Tevis next year after the fire and all the destruction. Thinking the trail will be MUCH better after at least a year to get some ground cover regrown.

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  5. Crysta - I had the same thought about the fire, but I wasn't sure how "reasonable" my fears were about erosion etc. so didn't want to post that part of it.

    In reality, if I don't do Tevis next year (2014) it will probably be 2016 until I can do it again, but I think I'm OK with that. I think crewing in 2014 is a good plan - with all my friends being there etc.

  6. I'm with Funder: let's crew her at Tevis. YES! I'm definitely planning to come down for that. If you ride it, I'll crew you too...but more fun is you teach me how to crew Tevis.


    You can do the RaT thing and learn new stuff and have fun.



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