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Saturday, December 28, 2013

Girth SNAFU - A first time for everything

I was told I needed to be "happier" and so "go out to the stable".

So, for the second time in 2 days I mounted up.

Yeah yeah yeah. I know I used to ride consecutive days all the time.  *Never* happens any more.  And if it does, it's a sign I'm neglecting running and rider fitness. But had already ran today and since I have a ten mile race in 4 days, adding a second run to the day wasn't an option.  And I was having a really really bad day.  I won't go into the particulars....but it culminated in me deciding I would watch the Hobbit (which I've put off) - because what could possibly go wrong?  Drove to the movie theater only to find out the showing was sold out.

So.....after moping around the house I was ordered out of the house to see the pony.

Above......BEFORE ride.

 Above....After ride.

Difference? Maybe.

A nice 25 min 3.4 mile trotting ride. In the WIND.  At times I couldn't see because my eyes were tearing.  The type of day that I *did* carry my phone in the sweater pocket instead of the saddle because there was a higher chance than normal I could go *splat*.

At the end of the ride I noticed something odd.  Above is what my off billets looked like.

Mmm....A first time for everything.  Not sure how this happened, but I'm really glad there's redundancy in the english girthing system! (True of all the saddles I ride in BTW - civil war Mcllelen saddles, Aussie, English.  My personal preference).

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  1. I hope horse time made life a bit better. I almost never do consecutive days either, I swear when I showed up yesterday Major was like, "What the hell is going on?"


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