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Monday, December 2, 2013

No ride story yet!

Sorry folks, but what stands between you and the gold rush shuffle story is:
- one OVH surgery with associated records, surgery reports
- paying bills
- Intro to repro class
- comparative ethics class
- scholarship essays

So, it's coming, but it might be a day or 2.

Just in case you were following along on facebook, some reassurance --> yes we pulled at 35 miles lame. However, she was sound on a lunge both directions an hour later at home.  I checked on her late last night and early this morning and there's no filling, no pain, it appears that perhaps she stepped on a rock or something right before the vet check (really should have booted all 4 and not just the fronts for this ride).

No regrets (especially if she continues to be sound and it was just a user error.....) and it was one of those picture perfect rides, but you will have to wait for the story for the juicy details :).

See you guys in a bit!

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  1. I will wait impatiently. Sorry you had to pull, but hope it was fun while it lasted!


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