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Sunday, January 12, 2014

New Ears tomorrow!

Tomorrow I pick up Tig!

EEK!  So excited. And nervous.

I've heard some good and some bad about her.  Suffice to say she is a "character" and I'll be able to get the low down from the person that's been riding her since August tomorrow...but I'm going to try and let her start with a clean slate with me (while keeping in mind that I've been told she can be a "bully" and very "handy" with things like door latches, gates, etc. so we both stay safe).

Three months and thirty nine rides.

My plan is to treat her like I would any young endurance prospect at this point, with the difference that because the "contract" is to ride her 3x a week, I won't spend the first week or so getting to know her on the ground (which I do with all my new horses regardless of age).  We will definitely still be doing ground work, but I will be swinging my leg over her sooner and more often than I usually would at this stage.

The goal after 3 months and 39 rides is a horse that is a fit and safe mount to go into race training, or if that's not her style, whatever other competitive career she might enjoy. 

Definitely exciting to have a hand in this young filly's future. 

(BTW - I'm really starting to like the name "Merrylegs" for TKR Merry Go Far's barn name. Apart from the fact that the Merrylegs from Black Beauty was a fat little grey pony and not a leggy bay tall's perfect! However, I am willing to entertain other suggestions at this point, anyone? There's always a possibility that once I get to know the little bay filly she'll rename herself, but there's a good chance that the name I chose now will stick).


  1. Super excited for you!

    I love the name Merrylegs! But definitely agree, perhaps she'll open up and name herself.


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