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Friday, January 10, 2014

Stop me when....

Stop me when I've done something stupid.

1. Wear my oldest (my comfy!) tights to school because I WILL ride after school, only to find out half way through the day they *really* are quite see through.

2. Once at stable put bare feet into Ariat Terrains. They were declared widow free this morning, but can you ever really truely know for sure?

3. Decide I am STILL GOING RIDING even though I spent too long at school after class was out finishing a certain blog post and making vet and chiro appointments and it is most *definiately* after sunset. Confirm that yes, the moon is at least 50% full (the cut off for me to be able to see branches at face level when going at speed), AND as a bonus is actually *in* the sky providing light.

4. Decide that Tess can go - her first night ride!  (crossing my fingers that coyotes aren't going to eat her? Did I tell you an OWL almost grabbed her the other day?)

5. Tie a red glow bar to Tess's collar to make her more visible.

6. Scare the crap out of your horse (who spooks at glow bars 80 miles into a 100 miler) because there's a moving glow bar that is doing figure eights around the trail.

Summary: Ride 3 miles in the dark with a mobile glow stick in see-through tights and possibly-widow-infested-boots. 


Justification: It's going to RAIN tomorrow. Tess has been in a run for 3 days (because of surgeries and class field trips). AND before I pick up that three year old on Monday I figure I better do some "been-there-done-that" horse appreciation.......

"Oh?" *innocent wide eyes* "I didn't mention a 3 year old in my last post? See, well, it's ever so more complicated then me simply getting Farley's 2 year old half sister!"

Stay turned!

(BTW - here's the incredibly cute puppy my group spayed on Wednesday.  Already adopted by one of my classmates!  LOL)


  1. What a face! Who could resist those eyes?

    1. She was approximately 100 times cuter than this picture even suggests. She was a darling. Of course, I have a weakness for pointer mixes...especially mostly white ones :)

  2. What stupid? I don't see anything stupid.

    signed, The Bad Idea Fairy

  3. LOLing forever at the figure-8 glowstick. Just call it a de-spooking/desensitization exercise and you're in the clear!

    Puppy <3

  4. Also, of course ever so much more complicated! Why would anything ever be less than the maximum complicated? Why? ::sob::


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