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Monday, May 18, 2009

Good News

Just a quick note - I'm crazy busy and don't want the sweet feeling of success to die before being able to post this.

Farley had her check up ultrasound appointment this morning and......(drum roll please).....she had the cleanest ultrasound on her tendon EVER. Better than a year ago when she was cleared for regular work and they told me that she was "almost 100%"! SUCCESS. Actually success will be defined as finishing both days at Wild West this weekend on a sound and happy horse - but I digress.....

The tendon fiber looks good, the actual size/volume of the bump looks good (is currently 1.12 square cm, ideal/normal is less than 1.0. The last couple of ultrasounds it's been 1.23-1.3).

I gave her one month of easy work, and 2 months of intense/regular work. I have not babied the tendon over the last 2 months because I wanted to ultrasound to reflect what would happen if she was on regular work. So yes I'm very happy. :)

BTW - I found out that Dr. R* volunteered at Tevis at a vet student, so she has some idea of what I ask my endurance horse to do. (comforting - not as good as being an endurance rider herself, but better than nothing!). I really like her as a vet and I asked her if she was interested in becoming a control vet for AERC. I think she would do really well and it might be fun change from her regular clinic work. I gave her the info, but I'm sure her life is very busy! Still, it would be nice.


  1. Yaaayy!!! Congrats, Mel, and Good Luck at Wild West!

  2. Thats great! That will probably really help you this weekend knowing that! Good luck this weekend if I don't post before then!


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