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Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Product Reviews

Product Reviews
I've decided to start doing some product reviews here periodically.  When I'm shopping for an item, I often search through the internet trying to find people that have experience with the product.  I have found the ridcamp archives very useful, as well as  Hopefully you'll find my reviews helpful.  If you want a specific product reviewed, (such as one of my endurance items I mention on my blog), let me know.  I'm going to keep my review posts positive and honest.  It is not my intention to publically "bash" any product.  If you have specific questions beyond what I post, leave a comment or e-mail me!  

I'm Stressed/Worried/Apprehensive/Concerned......The after math of Minx's death?
I'm in San Jose for work right now.  It is the first multi-day/multi-night absence I've had away from Farley since Minx's death.  It's affected me more than I expected.  I'm not having full panic attacks, but I'm extremely stressed and apprehensive during the two feeding times at the boarding stable. If I get a call, that is when I would get it.  I don't feel good at all because of the amount of stress.  If I get a call that Farley is not doing well, I don't know what I would do.  The situation is made worse because the weather has been unseasonably hot over the past couple of days (over 100 degrees).  When I saw her Monday, she was covered in salt from Sunday's heat wave and looked slightly dehydrated.  I wish I could check in on her to make sure she's drinking OK and taking care of herself.  She's never had a problem, but ever since Minx, I've become a OCD worry-wort about it......I wonder how long this lasts?  I cannot go through this every time I'm gone for a couple of days.  

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