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Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Wild West Update

I just learned that there is a good chance that I will get a four day weekend for Memorial day - which means I can ride 2 days at Wild West without taking vacation! Yeah!

I e-mailed the Ribleys and it wasn't a problem to tack a Saturday ride for my already-registered Sunday ride. So it looks like I'll be doing my first multi-day 50 on memorial day weekend. I wouldn't do this except that Farley feels absolutely solid AND I don't know if I'll get another ride in until September when I attempt my first 100. It would feel SO good to get 2-50's (in one weekend) before my 100.

I am considering doing Cooley ranch (June) or Gold Country (July), but my schedule is starting to get tight and I might not. BALANCE is the key and doing these rides would mean I would have to forego some family events.

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