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Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Tedious Tuesday

I admit it was sheer laziness that kept me from sharing the camel picture of Farley from the last post, so without further adieu (I'm almost positive that that is the WRONG way to spell the word I'm trying to use) -

I received my bracelet made of Minx's hair from hairloom treasures last night. I got the option of the braid with an engraved plate. You can see it below, along with the beautiful plant I got from work and the sympathy cards:

The plate has a rearing horse and "Gal's Black Minx" on it. It's very sturdy and I shouldn't have to take it off unless I'm swimming or working with something abrasive like concrete.

I knew I wanted something to wear, made with Minx's tail, but didn't like most of the what I came across on the Internet (or it was too expensive!). When I came across this site, it clicked that this is exactly what I wanted. Her items are simple and elegant. The engraved plate was important to me so it wasn't "just another braided bracelet", however, after recieving it, I like it well enough just based on the braid that I might consider one of her other bracelets "just because" in the future.

If you are looking for a fun way to remember a horse, I would highly recommend a Hairloom treasure. She was prompt in answering my e-mails and kept me informed throughout the process.

Have you thought about braiding a horse hair hatband Giselle? Now that is something that would be really really cool.

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  1. Adieu is the correct way to spell the French word for goodbye. The word you were looking for is just "ado" - think Shakespeare, Much Ado About Nothing!

    I will have to check out Hairloom Treasures. OSU should be sending me some hair from Champ this week, and I want to do something with it. Not a bracelet, though; I'm not a bracelet person. Maybe a necklace?


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