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Saturday, February 7, 2009

2009 Goals

I'll revisit this every few months to see how it's going! Feel free to post your goals in the comments section (horsey or non-horsey). It will be interesting to track every one's progress throughout the year.

(Pictured: Farley's trot out at the final vet check of Death Valley)
Sound horses all year - status: Minx has already developed a mystery lameness in her right hind hoof. After 1 week she already seems to be doing better. Hopefully everything goes well and I have a injury free year! Since the injury was in the off season...and it's getting better.....I'm thinking this doesn't count? :)
(Pictured: Minx at a conditioning ride in January before becoming lame)

***Complete an LD multi day - status: 
Successful! Death Valley Encounter with Farley
(Pictured: Farley at the last pulse in at Death valley)

Do my first ride over 55 or 50 miles - status: Based on Farley's performance at DVE, we are entered to ride in the 20 mule team 65.

(Pictured: Death Valley 4th day.  Can you see the black spec of a rider on the opposite hill?  They are behind me)

Complete an endurance multi day - status: I'm considering Wild West. I have done 2 and 1 days there, but never all 3. It's a wonderful ride.

Do my first 100 - status: will it be tevis? git-r-done? other? Living in central California I have a lot of options. 100's are my endurance goal. I would rather do a slow 100 than a fast 50. As
 soon as I can move up to the 100 I will

Do the Tevis?????? - I hate having this goal. It seems like everyone wants to do the Tevis. I'd rather just do it than talk about it. Saying I want to do the Tevis is like every little girl of 14 who says she loves horses, or that she wants to be a veterinarian. It's best to just shut up and do it. That being said....if it happens this year and it seems to be the right year, I'll do it. If not, it will wait.
(Pictured - me at Death valley after the 1st day of riding)
Stay fit - status: so far so good! I'm bad about staying fit unless I'm training for a marathon (my last one was in December 2007). Even with my Achilles problem, I have been walking, doing pilates, and using my exercise ball regularly. I think rider fitness has a HUGE impact on a horse doing well in endurance.

Keep Minx Happy:  This goal occurred to me as I was responded to the Endurance Granny's blog today (I can't get my html links to work today.  Her blog is in my sidebar).  I'm not sure what it will take to condition my Standardbred to the point that I can do a 50 with horse left.  She takes quite a bit more conditioning and as a result I think that she teeters on the edge of having a lot of overuse injuries.  My plan is to do a bunch of LD's with her this year and see if I can make her happy.

TOTD (Thought of the Day)

So how about you? What are your goals and dreams for this year?

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  1. Setting my goals for 2009 is kind of tough as my finances are tighter than they've ever been. So I'm going to have to select my rides carefully, to budget things out.

    My primary goals for 2009:
    #1. Give Phebes some exposure to ride camp, and intermingling with horses she does not know.
    #2. Getting Phebes to rate, instead of emotionally melting down to run with pack (RIDE OUR OWN RIDE).
    #3. Increase my overall fitness, and eat healthier.
    #4. Complete our first Limited Distance ride at The Chicken Chase in April. I'm considering riding two days, just depends on how well day one goes with the eating, drinking, peeing, and pooping! I'd also like to do a multi-day at Spook Run in the fall.

    I have to access if I can afford another ride or two this season and pick from those offered. I would like to do one of each of the rides offered at Henryville this year, but not sure that will be feasible. Next year the "Granny Mobile" (horse trailer) will be paid for which will hopefully allow me to afford to ride more rides.


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