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Monday, February 9, 2009

A change of Pace

Enough doom and gloom and introspective dialog!  It's predicted to rain all week :( (We need the rain desperately in CA so this is actually a very good thing).  Footing is bad in the arena and visibility is too poor on the roads to ride, so no riding until this weekend.  I have a conditioning ride scheduled for the upcoming weekend with Farley to see if we are ready for the 20 Mule team 65 on 2/28/09.  In the meantime, please enjoy these reposted ride recaps scheduled this week.  This will also put these stories in the archives in case anyone is thinking about riding any of these rides.  

Pictured in this post: 1.  Oliver, my blackeyed siamese dumbo rat 2.  my family and I on a nice, slower paced trail ride together near Nevada City, CA 

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