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Thursday, February 12, 2009

New blogs

I have posted some more blogs in the side bar. There are so many great blogs out there it is difficult to choose! At some point I will probably have to start organizing my non-horsey blogs and my horsey blogs seperately.

This assumes you have any time in your day to read yet more blogs! I certaintly don't but with the crummy (by California standards) weather today I find more time to waste on the internet.

If you only have time for one more blog (or even if you don't), please start with Elly's "Living in a Zoo". It's a fabulous blog. Then check out "A horse and a half". As I read more blogs I get a better idea of what I want my blog to be about. I was worried about making it too "journal" like, but I'm seeing that some journal-type entries can be entertaining. Any comments about which entries you like the most are appreciated.

BTW Let me define "crummy CA weather" :) It's grey outside, sprinkling, with a hint of wind....LOL


  1. well, i'm glad i found your blog (well, i guess you found mine first ;-) and i'm looking forward to reading these others as well - if i can find the time!

  2. Thanks for the recommendation! I finally figured out how to add blogs I like to mine--you made the list!

  3. I finally got all caught up on reading all your blog posts...I like the journal style of writing. It makes it seem very personal. Thanks for the project for the day is figuring out how to add blogs, and you're on it as soon as I do that.

  4. emm. attractive style :)


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