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Monday, August 17, 2009

Gettin' Away Part 1

The weekend after Tevis I planned a hiking trip with my cousin and friend, Erin.

Tevis took intensive planning and my main objective was to get away, spend time with Erin, and most importantly, MINIMAL PLANNING.

The minimal planning actually took effort - well meaning family kept trying to pin us down and give us advice about where to go, concerns about the driving time etc.

We decided to go to Mineral King - a long drive, but since we both considered the drive as part of the trip and an opportunity to catch up, it wasn't a hardship at all.

Both of us were born in the area and either grew up here (Erin) or spent an enormous part of our time here (Me), but neither of us had ever gone to Mineral King!

Once at the ranger station, we looked at the maps and options and decided on a hike to Monarch Lakes. A hike described as "Moderately Strenuous" and 10 miles round trip sounded like just the thing.

I elected to carry a full overnight pack (~20 pounds before food and water) for conditioning.

At elevations of 8K feet, rising to over 10K feet in ~4.8 miles, it was doable, but a workout too. I haven't spent a lot of time over 5K feet, so I was a bit trepadacious - I shouldn't have worried about it - I felt fine. I just made sure I stayed hydrated. I always get very thirsty at elevation.

Erin and I took our time and ambled along.

The scenery was superb.

We saw lots and lots of Marmots. I'd never seen one before! Very odd.

We spent lunch at the lower Monarch lake and then headed back to the parking lot.

Including a 45 minute lunch, we managed the 10 mile hike is ~ 6 hours. Exactly what I needed after the hustle and bustle of Tevis.
It was absolutely PERFECT. In fact, so perfect I attempted to do it again the next weekend...(stay tuned).

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