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Friday, August 28, 2009


I just turned into one of “those” people. I have never once knocked on someone’s door and asked them to turn down the music. Ever. But there I was, watching TV and knitting socks (sure sounds like the intolerant annoying person of the apartment complex doesn’t it?). And suddenly I could no longer hear my movie due to the loud bass of music playing. I waited and waited for the loud-music-loving person to realize their mistake and turn it down…..and waited….and waited. Finally I investigated and realized the music was coming from next door. Mmm….Now I’m a music lover and I also pride myself on being able to tune out almost anything. The bass music has now deafened me, loud is annoying, but a strong bass is impossible to ignore. sigh. I march out in my bright blue riding tights (I’m headed to the stable in 45 minutes) and my sock-clad feet and stop in front of the doorway. Knock knock knock. I try not to make it sound like the impatient, middle-aged, exasperated knock. I’m not sure I succeeded. The music stopped as he opened the door. I tried to smile, be nice, even winsome (sorry, couldn’t resist a GRE word). I’m not sure I succeeded.

Off to the stable where Farley doesn’t care I’ve turned into a frumpy “adult”.


  1. you can be a frumpy sub-adult, too. There were also those people in the dorm - always girls btw.

  2. Hahaha...I can so imagine you doing this :P


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