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Monday, August 31, 2009

To plan or not to plan....part 1

Sometimes not having a plan goes well. Other times, after a fruitless 4 hours of driving I try to convince myself that indeed, driving around in the heat of the day with the horse in the trailer was much better than sitting in my chair knitting socks. Uh huh....

Part 1 - Saturday (the day that DID go well).
Saturday, Mom and I headed up to Redhills to do some hiking.

This was our first official hike together. I was pleasantly suprised to find that our perferred hiking speeds are about the same. This bodes well for an overnight trip together.

It was very hot, dry and dusty. I, of course, ran out of water about 30 minutes from the end of the hike. I did have a miox system with me, but there was not way I was doing any sanitizing of the water out of this trough!
We did about 5 miles in 2.5+ hours. Saturday night we went to a work-related party (across the street from my house, featured Jay Leno and Super Diamond - my feet still hurt from the heels I was wearing...)
to be continued...


  1. Oh Lordy Lordy, please tell me the reason I look so wide is because of my widescreen monitor...
    In all the pictures I am doing something to try and cool down -fanning myself with my hat, reaching for the bite valve on the camelback, and squeezing water from the bio-trough over my legs.


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