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Thursday, February 10, 2011

Flying high

So my vet school notification post was #600 and I didn't even notice!

Remember me talking about leaping high buildings?

Apparently my trainer and Farley had a little talk and they decided they really would make it possible for me to fly.

First up was a corner. We had never jumped a corner. We jumped the 2' corner like it was 3' and (always a bonus) Farley didn't buck on the landing. It was obvioulsy a day to push the envelope and so my trainer pointing me at a coop.

"What's that?" I said, stalling for time. "A coop". I decided against asking what the height was.

And so, Farley and I jumped a 2'6" coop! We flew!

I got to jump it lots and lots of times because, of course, there was was a problem - if I even TWITCHED my upper body at the fence, Farley would swerve and dive. I had to stay way upright, "boobs on fire" blow-them-out position and then she would leap and we would fly.

***BTW a coop is a sold jump made of wood, that rounded on one side and then goes straight to the ground on the other. Or at least this one was.

Absolutely spectacular lesson. I'm super excited - my dressage is going fabulously, my jumping is fun again, and I've finally found a dressage and jumping goal that I can aspire to this year. More on that later, and possibly (this is what they call a teaser) a pic of the hair cut I gave Farley today!

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  1. Now that coops are no problem, it's time to go foxhunting! It's sort of like endurance, only with jumps... and hounds... and (in our part of the world) coyotes. Truly a fantastic way to spend a day's ride!

    Congrads on the fantastic lesson, and I love your trainer's "boobs on fire" comment. I'll have to remember that one!


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