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Saturday, February 19, 2011

Vet update - Saturday

I've just come back from the interview orientation and I have to say, that everything confirms my decision that I WANT to be a vet. It is the ONLY thing I want to do.

Sometimes when you sit a room of your peers and watch people who are where you wish you were, it's easy to have second thoughts about a choice. The last 3 hours has confirmed every decision I've ever made to get myself to this point.

Wish me luck for Tuesday. I think most of my nerves up until this point was me doubting this choice - what I am sacrificing and giving up, and what I'm asking Matt to support me through - knowing the emotional, physical, and monetary cost this is going to be. It better damn be worth it. Now, all doubts are gone. This is what I am meant to be, and I can now push any thoughts away that I might be happy doing something else, or that it might not be worth the cost, or that I'm not good enough. I have finally answered those questions to my satisfaction - and thank God that I did so BEFORE the interview. I left the orientation early because I felt like I learned what I came to learn - do I really want to do this, and CAN I do this.

And the answer is an unequivocal "YES"!

I have many more


  1. Best, best, best, best, BEST of luck! I know you will be fabulous.

  2. It is great hearing you sound so positive about your choice! I'm sure you will be fantastic in your interview!

  3. Awesome! Best wishes for Tuesday.

  4. Today is the day.... Good luck, Mel.

  5. Best of luck!! I'm sure it'll go really well.

  6. that's great! don't you love it when you get that feeling that what you are doing is absolutely right!
    - The Equestrian Vagabond


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