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Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Vet school update

Update on vet school. Interviews start the 22nd and continue through March. I finally got through the phone line (we all call the same phone line, and if it's busy, call back later. Took me 2 hours to get through) to find out when EXACTLY my interview is. Because let's face it - an interview the Monday or Tuesday after a 100 is disastrous news, and an interview the Thursday or Friday before isn't much better. And really - the decision should be easy - vet interview versus 100 miler, but would you believe that decision is actually much harder than it sounds?

My interview is Tuesday 2/22/11 at 9am. So I totally lucked out. I should be able to get myself together enough to ride my 100 that Saturday, and perhaps my post 100 daze will last through the 3 agonizing weeks until I'm notified whether I got accepted.

I'm not sure whether having one of the very first interviews on the first day is a good or bad thing but in any case, it doesn't matter because either way, I have to go in and knock their socks off.

Next steps? Punch as many holes as I can in my application and formulate answers that are professional and non-defensive, in response to questions that will probably amount to an interrogation.

For something that up until this point has been moving so slow, it's all happening so fast.....

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