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Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Bits, toys, and human perceptions OH MY!

I'm working on a post over on Tess's blog, so just in case I don't get around to posting anything here, go over and read Go Pony's post here.  My comments on the subject are posted there as well :)

And for those chicken crazy people - the continuation of the chicken story is here. 
 -it made me spew my coffee with giggles even though I had just cleaned up dog vomit from the carpet (dogs are the best pets ever dogs are the best pets ever dogs are the best pets ever).  And on a strictly "vet-ty" level, yes, it as vomit and not regurgitation.  And if you would like me to explain in great depth, including pictures of the said vomit and a reenactment of the abdominal effort required for such an act, such as one of my professors INSISTS on doing in their presentations on the subject.  I would be happy to *oblige.

*Actually I wouldn't.  Anyone who knows me knows my gag reflex, especially in the morning, especially in regards to anything that comes out of the GI tract - either end.  Ugh Ugh Ugh.  

BTW - it seems that Google Reader is being picky about which posts it wants to show you'all, so it might be worth your while to come on over to the blog site and see if you've missed anything.  I know for  a fact that a HILARIOUS dressage test I posted yesterday isn't showing up....


  1. I LOVE LOVE LOVE bits and have read the Myler book and watched the video more than once. I am not exactly sure how many of their bits that I own, but they are WONDERFUL. I also LOVE LOVE LOVE the Mickmar bits and have two of those, one of which I use for dressage.


  2. I can't believe your mom found a "retirement home" for her chickens! And yes, upside down is the way to transport chickens.

    Dogs ARE the best pets!


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