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Wednesday, April 25, 2012


To go commando….or not?
On the spelling - one "m" or two?  Definitely not something I'm googling during class, so we'll go with 2!

Edit, after seeing comments on facebook and a realize that the beginning of this post is rather non-specific.....:  I'm specifically referring to endurance riding!!!!  But feel free to take it any direction you would like in the comments.....

1.  Commando is definitely preferable to wearing crap underwear with nasty seams in nasty places.  But is commando preferable to well made underwear?  (like these?).  The jury’s out.

2.  There’s no underwear lines in the commando state.

3.  Holes and splits in riding tights are awkward without underwear.  And it happens way more often than you would think.  And then you’ve lost the chance to show off your really cute underwear.

4.  How cool would it be to have underwear that MATCHES your tack when the paramedics cut off your tight?????  Just saying’….

5.  It’s so much easier to pee in the bushes in the commando state.  Girls, trust me on this.  And while the risk of exposing nether parts upon tight failure is higher, pulling up tights after a pit stop only takes a nanosecond without underwear as compared to a microsecond with…….

6.  It makes riding tight changes in the middle of rides at the vet checks difficult.  Instead of pretending that your granny panties cover at least as much as your swim suit and thus gives you license to dance your fanny around, into a fresh pair of tights……commando means that you should show at least SOME sign of being embarrassed as your shiny white hinny bounces around.  And if you are wondering what all this bouncing and jumping is about….you’ve never tried to change OUT of wet tights, INTO dry tights on a cold rainy ride while trying to keep your balance on a wet tarp, while holding onto your horse’s lead rope. 

7.  The only time you go commando will be the time your tights fail at the seams.  HOWEVER --> is this made up for, by the amount of embarrassment you will experience, having to pull from a 100 because your have blood soaking your tights from the rubs and chafing of a poorly selected pair of underpants? 

8.  The judge may or may not be so distracted by the sight of your bare bum through the rip in your tights that he may or may not notice that your horse is a bit hockey. 

9.  Ummm…..commando lets you practice your inner “nudist”.  (OK - I admit that I’m close enough to 10 discussion points that I’m just starting to make up). 

10.  Bottom line: commando is a personal decision that very well might affect others --> i.e. the amount of fun we will have at your expense.  Is the comfort worth it?  Maybe.


  1. Well, you started it. Mmmm... many of my rides (way more than is statistically likely!!) are at the wrong time of the month for commandoism. Thus the quest for really good no rub panties. I've been pretty happy with those REI / Patagonias, but I haven't done a 50 in them yet so I'm not updating my review yet. ;)

  2. "Bottom line: commando is a personal decision that very well might affect others"

    Best line lol

    I did not realize that tights were such controversial things...

  3. Probably TMI...but I haven't had to deal with rubbing problems from my tights. Sports bras are another story. Done the commando thing a couple times, but I find it's only truly comfortable for me with padded seat tights. Guess my inner nudist is still a little shy about the thought of going out in public sans undies, because I just *know* that'll be the time my tights choose to fail, or I get dumped in a thorn bush or cactus.

  4. ha! I love the distracted judge part! I've been trying out the REI/Patagonia panties Funder recommended. Good for 24 miles so far. But seriously $18 for underwear? Commando would be cheaper, but for me the risks outweigh the benefits (for now..)

    1. Yeah - the price is hard to get over. But I've decided life is too short for uncomfrotable underwear and socks so I just don't wear them as often.....BTW I like Exofficio underwear - no price break though ovr the patagonia's.....

    2. Yep, I have everyday hanes and SUPER SPECIAL EXPENSIVE RIDE PANTIES. We pay $50 for tights, why not $20 for undies?

    3.'s the start of a very slippery slope. I love my Exofficio panties so about their bra thingies? (more like a cami). FORTY BUCKS!!!!!!! And yes, I bought one (last year when I was still working and had money...). And guess what - it's fabulous. Aboslutely comfortable. Convinced me to give up bras and either wear this, or nothing at all. Even with a C cup. (I still wear sport bras when trottting or running). I wish I could afford another one. It works especially great as an underlayer when it's too warm for silks or smart wool. Dual purpose!!!!!! Yeah, I'll always have cheap underwear around because you HAVE too - but I also know that I don't have to wear it if I don't want to. Also, some days cheap crap bothers me more than others. If I'm having a bad day/stressed, then I know it's time to ditch the cheap underwear and go without, OR wear my nice stuff.

    4. I have two bras. They're both super comfortable and I take religiously good care of them - washed in a garment bag, hung to dry, EVERY TIME. That's cause they cost $100 each and I can't wear lesser bras anymore.

      For riding I love built-in-bra tank tops (and they don't go in the dryer either!) Good clothes are worth the money, and they last like 4x as long if you don't ever let them see the inside of a dryer.

    5. TOTALLY AGREE. NO DRYER. Even matt has this down and will pull *most* of my good stuff out before dumping a load in the dryer. :).

      I did all my running in singlet and did my endurance riding in them for my first season or two. Gave all my singlets to my sister recently --> I've gotten to the point where I really like long sleeves for the poison oak and sun protection, and didn't like wearing a shirt over them.

    6. I used to brag that (with Fiddle, as opposed to the Toad) I could wear the same bra to a ride that I would wear for a shift as a reference librarian.

      Then I did my first *50* on Fiddle, and after that I went straight out and bought a stronger bra. Still not as strong as the "Boobmasher 5000" bra that I needed to ride the Toad (even in training), but stronger than the "librarian bra."

      As for knickers...who kneeds them? >g<

  5. Ok, so I would post as myself but I prefer to keep this TMI to myself. Except now. HAHA.

    Anyways, Ive gone commando since I was like, 13. Just up and decided, no thanks restrictive underclothing. You, ahem, stay cleaner too.

    As for riding, it works just fine, even on long trail rides. Maybe bc I am used to it, but I love the fact that I have no undie lines and I feel less restricted. It is rather awkward to change in public, for others. I am rather OK with it, but for the sake of other people....

    Ok this was UBER awkward so I apologize. Just wanted to weigh in from experience.

  6. LOL!!!!!!

    I forgot to link above what kind of "no rub" undies I like. Here they are at REI:

    @Anonymous - I gave up bras about 6 months ago and LOVE it. There are still some situations that I wear a sports bra, but mostly I'm free and clear :). It's a bit of a challenge as I'm not small (C cup), but with careful wardrobe choices and some camis it hasn't been an issue and I'm so much more comfortable. Some of my bra issues are because I'm a 32 C - a size that's hard to find.

    This is probably TMI but this post came out of my decision to go commando on Sunday for my ride (that never happened). I used to do it for my marathons, but I've noticed that my riding tights aren't quite as friendly as my running tights for commando, so was wondering how the seam interaction would be over distance. I'll probably try it and *may* report back. In a very general nonspecific way *grin*. Funny to see how many comments this generated!!!!! And makes me glad I allow anonymous commenting....

  7. The day I do commando is the day the paramedic has to drag me out from under a bush and scissor off my entire tights in front of ALL THOSE PEOPLE. I do not have an exhibitionist bone anywhere in my body, bootie included. But I will check out patagonias ☺

  8. The day I do commando is the day the paramedic has to drag me out from under a bush and scissor off my entire tights in front of ALL THOSE PEOPLE. I do not have an exhibitionist bone anywhere in my body, bootie included. But I will check out patagonias ☺

  9. If they scissor off your tights, they are going to scissor off your underwear too. And if you are wearing expensive underwear, then how are you going to feel about that?!

  10. I've gone commando quite successfully during endurance rides. In fact, I'm pretty sure that most of my 100's have been that way. The less seams the better as the distance goes on.

    That being said, I do prefer to wear undies more often than not, and nearly always have them on. I HATE HATE HATE undies that creep though, cannot STAND them, and thus am nearly always in a thong (TMI right there baby!!). Once you get used to them, they are hands down the most comfortable panties to wear. They STAY PUT and don't creep around at all. It's like a bra, when you first start wearing them it feels all akward, then you get used to it and don't notice any more. I do have specific ones for riding, they the Jockey No Pantyline Promise line, and are VERY affordable.

    I can't do the no-bra thing. After having a kid my boobs (36 C or D depending on style) need that extra support and, um, directional-giving guidance. ;) I need a good supportive bra for riding, those tanks with the built in ones just don't cut it for these girls. LOL

    1. Ugh, really hope mine don't get bigger if I have kids. Im quite big enough already thank you!

      I totally agree on the thing thing. Can't stard creeping underwear but for some reason a thong is just fine....can't ride in them though (or do long runs). En up with really w

  11. Commando for about.... 25 years of distance riding. First when I used english breeches, and now with tights. And if I am getting a bit of a rub, I use Chamois "Butt'R" cream. Can rub it anywhere... Inside of knees, under the elastic on the sports bra, or now "below"


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