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Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Yes, I do wear dresses

Allow me this show off moment, as my first opportunity to wear "real" earrings.  Not horse related at all, but the pictures make me smile, and like I continually say - this is MY blog so I get to post all sorts of weird things :)


  1. You clean up real purdy, Miss Mel.


  2. Why thank you :).

    I love the top picture. I have a tendancy to pick apart my pictures - especially close ups - and be really critical. But in this picture I just look so happy I can't do anything but smile at the joy that is radiated out of my face.

    I bought this dress about 7 years ago and this is the second time I've had an excuse to wear it. It is by far my favorite dress.

  3. Very nice! I wear earrings every day and feel totally naked without them. They're the one piece of jewelry I can't omit ... ever! :0) You do look lovely and genuinely happy. That's blogging material for sure! We all need those moments in our lives even if they belong to someone else.


  4. Great photos. Made me smile, too.

  5. Cute photos- it's always fun to see the endurance riders out of the their helmet once in a while...

    SO what was the occasion?

  6. a friend had an extra ticket to a San Fransisco Symphony performance! We had dinner at a wonderful little restraunt and drinks and then listened to some WONDERFUL music. I got home at 1am! I used my birthday money to fund the excursion - I'm really making an effort to spend my money on experiences instead of "stuff". I have to admit that the earrings cost me $3 at Target (which is OK for my skin because they are only in for a couple of hours) - but when I have the money to buy "real" earrings at least I'll know what I like - I just got my ears pierced for the first time last year so I've really be contemplating my earring "style"


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