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Wednesday, September 5, 2012


Here's a post I wrote last week before my LD ride that I never posted because it took me a bit to get the video and pics off my phone. Enjoy a look back to last week, before I knew that Farley and I were going to be just fine going 30 miles :)

The naughty puppy (not Tess, another similar naughty puppy :)) Stole a boot and led me on a merry chase around the barn for 5 or 10 minutes. After getting the boot back, the puppy sat next to Farley and tried to figure out how to get the boot away from Farley.

Shiny, new, ORANGE florescent boots from Renegade.

Now, some of you may be saying, "you are a dealer. You see new boots all the time. What's the big deal?". The big deal is that these are MY boots. I haven't had a new set of boots since summer of 2010. I've been using the same old ones, with over 500 miles on them. In fact, because I'm really bad about maintaining boots, AND because I figured that Farley's feet hadn't changed THAT much (just figured out she's a FULL size BIGGER on the fronts and the backs now), I figured it was my own fault that I could only get the boots half way on. It was OK because then if I got on a trotted a mile or two, everything would shift into place, I'd hop off and fasten the straps, and then continue on my ride.....

This my friends, is NOT the recommended nor proper care and use of the Renegade Hoof Boot. It is a however, a testament to the old saying about the cobbler's children.....

Anyways, I pulled the new boots out of the box and put them on Farley --> not bothering to adjust the cables or anything. Would I let a client wander into the wild blue yonder with straps flapping? Absolutely not. It looks tacky. Apparently I'm a tacky person.

Then I took a little video, assuming I'd get some pretty arab-y floating trot in new orange boots to show you folks. And I would be far enough away not to have to explain the tacky flapping strap tails....

Instead I got this: Pony on the Rampage

I eyed the boots after that little tirade and was pleased to see that not a hair was out of place. OK. I was more than pleased. I was infuriatingly smug about the whole thing. And a little disbelieving. It STILL seems like magic to me that I can take these boots out of the box, apply in less than in a minute, and have them survive that sort of abuse. Thus, I decided to take a picture of Farley's magic boots. I was also a bit relieved......I haven't used boots much in the last year or so and the fact that they are still magic is one less thing that I have to worry about this weekend.

I should show this video to all the people that ask me if these boots really stay on

pic is post rampage

Went out for a ride - our last major one before the LD this weekend (7 miles in an hour), finished after dark under the moonlight.
Boots stayed on, even up steep hills - a situation that I've had some hind boot losses on in the last couple years. Apparently when you have a boot that is a size too small it can cause issues --> seriously, do I even listen to the advice I give my clients and friends?

I think one reason that I'm TOTALLY excited about the boots is that it represents the reality of me getting back into endurance. This is for REAL. I have a ride THIS weekend. Farley is sound, and this is really happening.....


  1. Your little racehorse looks fabulous! :D

  2. Thanks :). Could have also titled this video "Farley loses her marbles over not being allowed to eat hay". LOL. Notice she is bolting AWAY from the arena gate? She doesn't want to go back to her pen, she wants that HAY!!!!!

  3. Farley = The Black Stallion in mare form!

    She is gorgeous.

  4. Killer. She is beautiful - and SO fast and fit!


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