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Monday, September 24, 2012

Buffalo run report

There are 2 ways to start a race.

1. Get to the race location, stroll over to the check in table and pick up number and goodies. Wander back to the car, pin the number on your shirt, attach the chip to your shoe, and post on Facebook that you are about to start the 10 mile Buffalo run!

2. Go to bed at 11pm after moving all day, a BBQ party with alcohol. Going to "bed" is a misnomer because you are in the middle of moving and what you really have is a sheet on the carpet (Berber with no pad). Get up on time only because you never actually managed to sleep for more than an hour at any point during the night. Don't bother looking up the location or directions because you are pretty sure it's at Rio Linda High School. Realize once you get off the freeway that it doesn't look familiar.....Pull over, check the email annoucement and realize it's at the Rio Americano high school. Thank God (literally) for GPS's and plug the new location into it. Thank God that it's 6am and there's no traffic so you can tear down Watt avenue and neighhood streets at an unspecified rate of speed. Park the car. Run to the table (this counts as your warm up). Cut in front of line. Pant out your last name. Run to the start line as they fire the gun. Join the stragglers of the pack and run the first mile with your number in your teeth as you struggle to stuff cliff shots and Honey stinger waffles into the back of your running skirt. Pin on your number without sticking yourself with safety pins. Thank God (again) that the first 1.5 miles loops past the start so that you can make a porta potty stop. Thank God (yet again) that there is an empty porta potty. Continue on your race and run a PR (personal best) for that distance and race.

Oh do you think I ran Sunday's race? Considering there was no facebook update for those of you that were my face book friends.

I guess that answers whether my new lower mileage running program based on interval training is working! (old program = foundation is low, slow, easy runs; new program = foundation is shorter, faster interval workouts)

(click photo above to see my race times for past years at this race)


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