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Thursday, September 13, 2012

Farley update

Hi everyone -

Thought everyone would like a quick Farley update (while I sit in a pathology lecture of course - but I AM taking notes and paying attention at the same time).

Yesterday the leg was much the same, except that I could tell that she was reacting to touch/palapation more on the outside of the leg than the inside aspect, supporting the hypothesis that she wacked it on something.

Today, I *think* there is just the slightest change for the better. My first impression both visually and by touch was that it was a tad less swollen. And she seemed less reactive to touch. Still walking soundly on it.

I started to SORTA panic last night/this morning at the fact it isn't drastically better, since my plan was to call a vet if it wasn't better by the end of the week which is rapidly approaching, BUT I reminded myself I didn't see it until Tuesday morning, so realistically it has only been 48 hours. :). Still plenty of time for it to resolve itself with no lasting effects and without expensive vet bills. Probably will continue to watch over the weekend.

Updates on me? Well, I had clinics yesterday. Finally the first clinic I actually, truly enjoyed. It was, of course, in the livestock barns. I played with goats, did some anethesia monitoring on a pig, and observed a little calf getting cleaned up after being found in pasture all by itself. The vets were great, the clients were great - for the most part, they are *my* type of people. I could probably be happy doing livestock and herd medicine if I did need to practice clinical medicine for a while. I was also introduced to the concept of "fish" as a food animal. I had completely forgotten that part of the food industry! I think small ruminants, fish, and poultry would be my best bet for minimizing injury, and at least in the poultry and fish industries --> there's a lot of work in public health because of their impact on the enviornment, how moble they are, and how their diseases impact human helath and the health of the environment/pathogen control etc.

This block (cardiacrespiratory) ends next Thursday with a final so if I'm a bit quiet, I busy studying in order to get a good enough grade that I can qualify for research funding this summer.


  1. When my horse recently did something similar, the first day he wasn't sore to touch, the second day he was. The swelling gradually went down, a week later is was nice and cold and back to normal. He does have an abrasion in the area that could have caused it, or maybe a small strain, but either way seems good to go now. I hope the same for Farley!

  2. I love that you're posting whilst in a lecture - I can say that as the student side of me... as a teacher, I wouldn't be so impressed with one of my students doing so, then again, I teach about horses.. you write about horses... ;)

    Glad to hear the swelling and reactivity have gone down a little - here's hoping it continues!

  3. Swelling still has not gone down significantly, but she seems markedly less tender....soo that's an improvement. :). Still reminding myeslf it's only been a whole 3 days even though it feels like 2 weeks!!!!!!

    It's funny how one thing can throw you into a spin, Farley getting hurt has made me not run, get up on time, or grocery disrupted my nice little routine which threw everything else out of whack!


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