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Monday, May 13, 2013

CC pictures

...Because I'm going into surgery in 5 minutes and don't have time to write a real post.  Sorry!

Somewhere I took a picture of her pre race.  Where that picture might be I have no idea........
Above: Farley at the 25 mile mark

 Irish horse and Major enjoying some rest and food at 25 miles.

Farley the morning afterwards.

Can you pick up your head so I can get a pretty picture for the blog?  

 EEEEKKK!!  Bad angle! 

Was too tired to try and get better shots of "post ride".

Below: Irish horse got a good shot of me and Farley coming up "Berkley hill" (ie the big hill on the blue loop). 


  1. I like how she turned a bit so good angle could be gotten of her.

  2. She looks great! And are those four boots I still see glued on to her feet?

  3. Three out of the four. The last boot I put on I forgot one if the prep steps. A minor one, but one highlighted in the video as must do. Lasted dirty miles before coming off. So yes, I guess that step was as critical as they say...

  4. "dirty miles?" are there any other kind?


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