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Thursday, May 9, 2013

The spackle.....

Spackle needs a new name. 

Irish Horse is right.  Spackle is not a good term for what promises to be the most delicious thing I've ever been able suck down in the saddle.

Except apple sauce.  But applesauce doesn't have protein, and similarly to "man can not live by bread alone:, I can guarantee you that this endurance rider cannot live on applesauce only for 50 or a 100 miles. 

For those of you that missed the recipe tucked into the bottom of a previous post here it is - make a batch and give me your best name for this wonderful substance (that I will admit to eating for breakfast this morning).

1 c. almond butter (Winco lets you grind your own in the bulk section, which made it more affordable).
1c. cashew butter (I couldn't find, so I bought unsalted raw cashew pieces and ground them to smithereens in my food processor)
1/4 c. almond oil (Ha!  Couldn't find this either so I used a soy or vegetable oil with minimal taste - thought about using coconut oil, but didn't - but I might next time)
1/2 c. Agave syrup (I used honey - because I wanted more flavor, not just for it to be sweet)
1 Tbl vanilla extract
1 tsp almond extract (I didn't add because I didn't have)
Salt - to taste

Mix in a blender

Once I had it all mixed up, I separated into 4 bags so I could experiment with "additives".
- 1 bag I kept as original
- Added white chocolate chips and dried cranberries to 1 baggie
- added miniature chocolate chips and miniature marshmallows to another
- added coco powder and miniature chocolate chips to the last baggie.


  1. It's ridiculous how excited I am about spackle. Super concentrated fat, protein, and carbs? YES!!

  2. I definitely need to try making this. The recipe is just begging me to go wild with flavor substitutions in place of the vanilla/almond. But it does need a new name. Magical Endurance Rider Power Paste? Keep-You-From-Keeling-Over Superfood?

  3. Mmmm....
    Magical endurance Rider Power Paste = MERPP. Nope.

    Keep you from kneeling over superfood = KYFKOS. Worse.....


    There's got to be the right name out there for this stuff! And Ashley - I agree with you on the variations that are just BEGGING to be made. I've done some searching on the internet and I'm shocked that everyone seems to be sticking to the original recipe with the exception of adding an electrolyte gel base to it.

    So far I'm definitely going to sub out the vegetable oil for something else (probably coconut oil). I think adding a maple extract flavoring would work well. So far I really like ALL of the variations I've made, including the s'more one, which was the one I was the least sure I would like. I think I'm going to try experimenting with more dried fruit variations like cherries. I'm looking to cliff bars and larabars and luna bars for my inspiration on what might work for different flavors.

    So far I'm limited by what can squeeze out of my squeezee bottles. (which is also going to be temperature dependent).

    1. I'm thinking butterscotch extract. And I have mini cinnamon chips. Coconut oil would be delicious.

  4. This is definitely a "to each their own" or "we're all different" example. The thought of trying to choke this down during a ride, when pretty much ANYTHING sweet is revolting to me. Ugh, no. Especially with chunks I'd have to attempt to chew up (GUs go down forcefully with water, or preferrably not at all). I hope it works wonderfully for you ladies, but I know I wouldn't be able to do it. I can barely manage fruit. Hand me the pastas, meats, and V8s any day! :)

    Eating during rides and finding things that sit well with my stomach was my #1 difficulty in this sport.

    1. Yep - perfect example! Pasta I LOVE during a ride but I have a hard time choking down meat and v8 during the best of circumstances (which is why going primal has been "interesting"). I am going to try the cold pizza thing on this ride. It's one of my favorite foods, and the tomato based sauce really sounds good - with a meat topping. I'm little worried about the crust (wheat) is going to sit on my stomach, but if it works for the ride I'll thank my lucky stars and promise to be good the rest of the time in my "real" life. (wheat doesn't usually agree with me).

  5. Totally Awesome Super Treat Yum. TASTY!

    Or just call it Goo-D: Goo Delicious

    It sounds good, but I could not eat it, I have a texture-thing. Hate gooey pasty things. I can usually always eat nuts and apricots, but it does sound easy to eat in the saddle!

  6. FICE = "food I can eat!"

    And I'm thinking chunks of dried apricots and dried sour cherries....

  7. Fice is nice! Aarene your suggestion of apricots and cherries made my mouth water instantly.

    Regarding the texture.thing for.Irish horse, I totally get it. I don't like really crunchy pointy.foods like chips. to the.point its like an adversion. I'm not saying I never eat chips, but it has to be under special circumstances.

    I'm not a huge.chocolate fan but I know can taste.really good when I'm doing a lot of work or effort, which is why my variations include the chocolate, but I'm really looking forward to more fruit stuff.

    Also, I could not stop snacking on it last night. Anything that triggers that kind of response at home is very promising for the trail!

  8. I have trouble getting protein down at a ride so I'm really interested to try this! I can buy a jar of almond, cashew and brazil nut butter so I might try that too. Does it taste much like peanut butter?

    1. I don't particularly care for peanut butter and I don't think its a lot like it, it has more texture and doesn't coat the inside of my mouth like pb. But if you like pb, maybe there are other similarities that you might like.

  9. Ok, thanks for explaining the difference :) "Spackle" might not sound great, but that stuff sounds good!


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