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Friday, May 10, 2013

My motto for the weekend

Last post today I SWEAR!!!!!!

(and I dont' have reception at ride camp so you won't be bugged by alcohol induced updates like SOMEBODY else posted....Funder :)

(BTW no alcohol will be involved this weekend - the amount of running that I will have to do to make this weekend happen means I am not going to ANYTHING that compromises that - for goodness sakes I'm leaving Tess home!  An excellent litmus test: If Tess can't come than my favorite recreational beverage can't either. )

Thank you to the wonderful Ashley who posted this on her facebook this morning. 

It shall be my motto for this weekend. 

This is also a good time to review the nuggets that I keep on my blog sidebar that have been posted by my readers over the years.


  1. You know you loved living vicariously through my drunken mane-braiding experience. ;)

  2. But Funder's drunk blogging is hilarious!

  3. Funder, as long as you stick to braiding DIXIE and don't try to braid yourself...or me...I think we'll be okay.


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