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Thursday, May 6, 2010

American River in Pictures

American ride in pictures - Melinda's attempt to have a normal life again. I hope you enjoy.

Farley learns that cereal really IS a part of a balanced diet.

Preparing my gear for the morning while Farley watches....or not.

Melinda mounts and tries to keep things down to a dull roar. WHY am I leaning FORWARD? At least I'm not in a chair seat. This just might be the first ride pic EVER where my leg is acutally back.

Coming into mile 17. What you can't see is I have exactly one boot on, with 2 attached to my breast collar.

At the water trough at mile 17. I'm NOT posting the one that Mom got of me from behind. Does she have to take one pic EVERY ride that shows my ample bum complete with panty lines?

A pic of my lucky boot. It's the black one - the only one that never came off during the ride. It's also one that I used at 20 MT. I fear it must be retired - the cable is starting to fray.

Farley 's opinion of the whole thing....

Starting out for Auburn from Rattle snake bar. A new bit and new boots. A new start?

Riding off from rattlesnake bar - unfortunatley my optimistic view didn't last long, because as soon as I got behind that big tree, I lost another boot. So soon!

At auburn for the lunch vet check. Look at those rippling muscles? (I"m talking about the 4 legged beast here...)

At the lunch check. Mom holding the lead. My only instruction was "don't let her step on it". Mom isn't a horse person, so as long as she didn't have to make Farley DO anything, she was fine. :) thanks mom!

Trotting out at Auburn.

Leaving lunch for cool. I wave.

coming into Cool. I'm leaning forward because I'm shouting/talking at this very cute kid in front of me. He wants to do Tevis this year and came up to do this ride so he could get miles and see part of the tevis trail.

Starting the trot out at Cool. She had the lowest pulse of the day here. Look at all those critical, judgemental eyes staring at me.... *shudder* :)

Finishing in Auburn. Melinda talks while Farley drinks


A barefoot trot out over gravel at te finish.


  1. I love all your pics! And yes, it is the photographer's duty to get "the bum pic". Except when it's of me.

    That's different.

    Those critical, judgemental eyes prob thought you drugged your horse...or that she had found something *tasty* on the trail lol

  2. You should learn how to photoshop pictures and then you could have any size bum you wanted. And do away with the panty lines at the same time.


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